2016 Trends That I Wish Would Disappear in 2017

So guys after that holiday break, I’m back with a new post. Just before the year ends. This one I didn’t want to be too heavy, more of a chit chat post. I was inspired by some of the YouTubers that I love. And they have been doing, trends they want to see go away in 2017. So I figured why not make my own list, you know? So here are the 2016 trends that I wish would disappear in 2017.

2016 Trends I Wish Would Disappear

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Summer Nail Art Inspiration 2016

Summer is right around the corner, and you have no idea what to do with your nails. Well, have no fear as this is the post for you! In this post, I have collected some cute summer nail art ideas that you can try out. Whether it be at home or at your local nail salon, they’re doable for just about any skill level.

I usually get my nail ideas from Japanese sources, if there’s one thing that Japanese women are known for, it’s their impressive nails. So I thought why not turning to a country that’s cutting edge in fashion to get not only cute, but flashy nail inspiration from.

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The Current State of Gyaru Magazines

Hi everyone. I realised that I haven’t posted since the beginning of the year and now it is spring. I’ve been swamped with university but I’m back. As a treat, I’m going to be post two articles today that have been translated from Japanese to English. Due to egg magazine ending, modelpress has started a series of articles about the change in the gyaru culture and the magazine culture surrounding it. I asked a friend of mine to translate it and she did. With her permission I’ll like to share this with my readers. It’d be interesting to get the word out and opinions coming in this topic. I hope to give you all my opinion on every thing in a blog post following the these two translations post. It includes my opinion on the reaction by the international gyaru community and other speculations for the shift in gyaru culture. This is only the first of two articles that I will be posting. The translation starts below…

[Translators’ note: I’m not sure if the style from JELLY has an official name in the international circle, I just put “strong style” but the original is called “karakuchi”]

Current situation of Gyaru magazines that continue to end one after another

Gyaru magazines Egg, Happie nuts, Koakuma Ageha, EDGE STYLE and many more, continue to end one after another. As such, the market of Gyaru magazines has been reduced. While these magazines continue to end, on the other hand Popteen, Ranzuki, JELLY, Scawaii, Gina, etc. are still popular with many Gyaru.

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The End of Egg Magazine: What is the Key to Reviving Shibuya Gyaru Culture?

This is part two of the two translations about the changing state of gyaru culture. Former Egg and Men’s Egg model, Uetake Hiromu gives his views on what’s happening to the scene. I hope to give you all my opinion on everything in the next blog post. This includes my opinion on the international community and speculation on other reasons for the shift. The translation starts below…

The end of Egg’s publication causes a huge impact… What is the key to reviving the Shibuya Gyaru Culture? A legendary Gyaru-o tells us about it

Gyaru magazine, Egg (Taiyoh Books), will cease their publication with the May 31st release of
their July issue. It comes to an end with a long history of 19 years and 9 months. Many have been saying that “Gyaru have disappeared from the streets”, and we need something to liven up the Shibuya Culture that Japan boasts about. We interviewed Uetake Hiromu, also known as “Piromu”, a charismatic dokusha model at the time of the magazine’s launch that currently makes efforts to transmit Shibuya’s culture.

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Akamoji-kei vs Aomoji-kei: It all started with red letters

In my last post, introduced Aomoji and Akamoji to you. I gave a basic definition and went deeper to explore the currently popular Aomoji-kei subculture. This time, I’ll be focusing on Akamoji which has not be properly covered in my opinion. I hope by reading this, it will expand everyone’s knowledge on Japanese fashion.

Akamoji-kei (literally: Red-letter style) is a fashion subculture that is more accepted by the mainstream. Akamoji appeals to young office ladies (OL) and female college students and is characterized by its conservative style. It is often worn by women in their early 20s. It is a style that is thought to be popular with men. Despite being conservative, it’s far from being outdated and is considered elegant. The name akamoji comes from the five magazines which were first known for their red title on the cover page. However it can be said that it has been on a decline since the bubble economy burst. Nowadays it has somewhat mixed with gyaru, creating onee-kei.