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Small Rant: Black Girls Can’t Be Gyaru?

Recently there’s been talk among the gyaru I follow about racism in the gaijin gyaru community. Such as people stating that black girls cannot be gyaru. It all started with the weekly gyaru secrets post on livejournal. I remember gyaru secrets, it was suppose to be the gyaru equivalent to lolita secrets. Back then it was a place for gyaru to talk about stuff they couldn’t within the community or with their friends and family. The topics varied from recovering from eating disorder to having a crush on your close gal pal.

I saw the moderators change due to lack of interest, and for the most part it was harmless. I’d check it from time to time, and there were things I disagreed with, some that I agreed with. However some way along the line, the moderator allowed for posting to be more aggressive and attacking when it came to gaijin gyaru. That’s when things went downhill.