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Japanese Magazine of the Week: Popteen

Popteen July 2013, June 2013 and May 2013

And the magazine of the week is, Popteen! ‘Japanese magazine of the week’ or JMofW,  is where I will feature one Japanese magazine a week as the name states. for the chosen magazine, you will find: basic information, who the popular models of the magazine are, the style and even scans from the latest issue. It’s my way of spreading Japanese fashion to the masses.

When I first got interested in gyaru back in ‘06, it was all research. Besides Egg, Popteen was my book. I loved to dig through the various sites to catch glimpses of Tsubasa Masuwaka rocking the latest style at the time. Over the years, people have said it’s no longer gyaru. But I disagree, it’s just a different form of gyaru, maybe leaning more towards mainstream. But they regularly talk about gyaru fashion within its pages.