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10 Alternative Black YouTubers To Check Out

When I was younger, I was heavy into media like anime and alternative music. I was even into Japanese fashion and scene culture. However as a young black girl, there was literally no one that looked like me. As such, I was easily discouraged when I wanted to get into say goth or kawaii fashion. Nowadays the game has changed and a lot more people who are doing  blogs and YouTube. But if you don’t know where to look, it can still be a bit difficult. Therefore to help you out, I’ve made a list of five alternative Black YouTubers that you should check out.

This post is not the end all be all of black alternative YouTubers, or one based on popularity. It is a list that I compiled based on the YouTubers who I want and videos that I enjoy. If you want to see who made my list, then continue reading after the jump.

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5 Bajan YouTubers That You Should Check Out!

Hey guys, I’m back again with another blog. Recently, I have gotten into doing lists! Lists for everything, lists of favorite books, to-do lists, etc.Furthermore it has been a concern of mine that people only see certain facets of Barbados; such as the beach and Kadooment Day. I myself, am guilty of doing that, but it is something that I want to change.

I just have to say, I love YouTube, it has become a part of my daily life. I watch videos from the site almost religiously; in the early morning while getting ready for classes, and even late night when I need help to fall asleep. I’m a picky girl, I’m not going to lie and it’s hard to find the right person that just clicks for me. Now It’s true, there are many black YouTubers, but how many are from the Caribbean and how many from Barbados? Barbados is an island in the Caribbean that has given birth to countless interesting and creative individuals, with the most prominent being Rihanna. So why not introduce to my readers some of our home grown talent?

So I went on a hunt for five Bajan YouTubers that you all should check out. I am by no means saying these are the only Bajan YouTubers about, I would love to think they are more actually. If I find more, I’d be more than willing to make a new post in the future that will feature them as well. This list has been compiled in alphabetical order, these ladies are so talented and motivating that I’m sure you’ll find yourself watching their videos for hours on end.