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Gyaru Magazine Koakuma Ageha Set To Return

Good News About Koakuma Ageha

For all of my fellow gyaru lovers,  I have great news for you. It was recently announced that Koakuma Ageha (Little Demon Ageha) would return to the shelves. Koakuma Ageha is back with a vegence! Ageha is a gyaru lifestyle and fashion magazine. While gyaru is a hugely popular subculture, it focused on age jou (young miss) fashion. And targeted young women in their late teens to early 20s while also relating back to hostess culture.

Ageha at one point was one of the best selling magazines if not gyaru magazines around. It used to report high sales and their models were hugely popular. So much so that they appeared on various variety shows like Himitsu no Arashi-chan. However that came to a stop last year. The publisher of the magazine Inforest, went bankrupt and last May, Koakuma Ageha came to an abrupt halt. They were just one of the many gyaru magazines that went defunct or the past couple years. Nearly a year after, going under, the magazine is back.