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Japanese Fashion: Fairy-kei

arajuku is seen as the focal point of Japanese fashion to many people in and outside of Japan. In fact many foreign designers take inspiration from what they on the streets of Harajuku. Recently there are two styles that are booming, ‘Fairy-kei’ and ‘Dolly-kei’. ‘Kei’ is Japanese for style, so in essence, its fairy style and dolly style. With my articles on the two styles, I hope to show how they differ and even common trends between the two styles. Today we’ll be focusing on Fairy-kei .

Fairy-kei is a style that we can say plays on our nostalgia today. It heavily takes inspiration from American pop culture of the 80s and early 90s. One of the other defining factors of fairy-kei is the array of colors. The colors usually stay on the side of pastels and bright fluorescents. It is a very colourful and whimsical style of dress with very poppy-cute elements. Just looking at it could give you a cavity. According to the fairykei community on livejournal: “This fashion is pretty open to interpretation so long as one sticks to the color scheme of pastels and neons, as well as creating that unicorn-inspired 80s fairy feeling. It can easily be combined with other fashions such as lolita or decora.”