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30 Incredibly Festive Christmas Cupcakes

When one thinks of Christmas, one comes to mind? Friends, family and of course, food! Christmas is a holiday notoriously known for its plethora of baked goodies. Whether it be cakes, cookies or biscuits, we can’t get enough of the delicious treats. I figured why not switch it up and focus on holiday-themed cupcakes for those who want to try their hands at these mini cakes. If you’re interested, then check out these 30 incredibly festive Christmas cupcakes down below!

Christmas lifestyle

My 2017 Christmas Bucket List

Happy Sunday guys. Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows, I love making lists. I made a post about my goals earlier this month but this is different. It’s a 2017 Christmas bucket list. Furthermore, my bucket list much less serious than my goals posts, as it’s more of a wish list of things that I want to do. I wanted to share something fun with you guys, maybe something you’d want to try yourself this holiday season.

So without further to do.

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The Beauty Christmas Tag

There are 23 days till Christmas and counting. One of my favourite posts to read during the season is the Christmas Tag. Funny enough I did one during Blogmas last year and honestly nothing much has changed since. So I went on a hunt for another kind of Christmas Tag and was not disappointed. The Lissa Way did a lovely Beauty Christmas Tag and I fell in love. I’m a big makeup lover myself, so wouldn’t a Beauty Christmas Tag be perfect?
If you’re curious about the tag and my answers, check out more below!
Blogging Christmas

100 Blogmas Post Ideas

December is right around the corner, and is known for a busy time, even for bloggers. That’s because of Blogmas. Blogmas begins on December 1st and ends on the 25th. It consists of bloggers making daily posts on the topic of Christmas and the holiday season. The YouTube equivalent is usually called vlogmas (though vlogging isn’t required).

Last year I took part in Blogmas and had so much fun. It was great, creating all these holidays posts and reading others. Therefore you can expect that I’ll be doing it again this year.

Now you must be thinking, wow 25 posts is a lot of content to come up with such little time. Like many others, you may have hit a brick wall on ideas. However, have no fear as I have made a list of 100 Blogmas post ideas. These are great for bloggers with writers block who want that extra push.

Christmas fashion

10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You’ll Love

Today I wanted to do a post on a topic that I enjoy and hope you will too! It’s a part of Christmas that you either really love or just dread. And that’s those ugly Christmas sweaters. I honestly never knew that these were a thing until two years ago. Seeing that I live in perpetual summer and all. I figured why not show you guys some of the ugliest sweaters that I’ve found this season. These sweaters will either have you on the ground in laughter or gringing. If you’re curious about my pick, read more below!

10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters