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Colorz Ent 2017 Presents EXOTICA

Last Saturday yet another Kadooment band revealed their costume line for the upcoming Crop Over season. Colorz Ent while known for their years in the Foreday Morning band market, is relatively new to the Kadooment band scene. They only launched their band last year and already have improved upon last year’s launch. This year they revealed their concept of EXOTICA: Birds of Paradise, which sees men and women decked out in bird inspired costumes. If you’re interested, click the read more below.

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Zulu International 2017 Presents Wanderlust

I wanted to share more about Barbadian culture and businesses in the year 2017, so what better way to start than with Kadooment and Crop Over. Last Saturday, Zulu International 2017 costumes were revealed to the public. Excited patrons were able to view the costumes in person at Zulu’s band launch. In fact they were the first band to release their costumes for the season and in March at that.

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Girls Night Out Barbados Event

Last Saturday I was able to attend the first Girls Night Out Barbados Mix & Mingle event. I was so excited to attend this event about female empowerment and healing the emotional scars in women.

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Christmas in Barbados

Hi guys, I know some of you were expecting to see two posts this past weekend. However due to some unforeseen circumstances, that wasn’t possible. However I’m learning not to beat myself up over not posting. Especially when it’s out of my control. But I’m here today and strong with it. Today’s post is about something personal to me, Christmas in Barbados. If you’d like to know how we celebrate Christmas in the Gem of The Caribbean Sea, read more.

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Cosplaying and Convention Culture in the Caribbean

Hello everyone. I’m here once again to talk to you about something that relates to Japanese culture, cosplay. In recent times, elements of cosplay has been integrated into everyday dress.With anime-inspired nail art, Sailor Moon tattoos, pastel wigs and more.

Likewise, Japanese pop culture has been steadily growing in the Caribbean. The region itself has three conventions, while not as big as France’s Japan Expo, USA’s Anime Expo and Japan’s Comiket, they are notable in their own right. These conventions include Barbados’ AnimeKon, Puerto Rico’s PR Comic Con and Jamaica’s Anime Nation. Each convention puts an emphasis on mixing Japanese pop culture with local talent and each heavily features the work of local artists.