December 2017 Goals

The end of the year is right around the corner. Everyone setting up their home homes for the festive season. Likewise, bloggers are getting ready for the annual Blogmas season. Honestly, Blogmas is one of my favourite things about the holiday season. In getting back in my new-found blogging spirit, I want to bring back an oldie but goodie. A goals post! If you’re interested in my December 2017 goals, check out my list below!

Blogging Christmas

100 Blogmas Post Ideas

December is right around the corner, and is known for a busy time, even for bloggers. That’s because of Blogmas. Blogmas begins on December 1st and ends on the 25th. It consists of bloggers making daily posts on the topic of Christmas and the holiday season. The YouTube equivalent is usually called vlogmas (though vlogging isn’t required).

Last year I took part in Blogmas and had so much fun. It was great, creating all these holidays posts and reading others. Therefore you can expect that I’ll be doing it again this year.

Now you must be thinking, wow 25 posts is a lot of content to come up with such little time. Like many others, you may have hit a brick wall on ideas. However, have no fear as I have made a list of 100 Blogmas post ideas. These are great for bloggers with writers block who want that extra push.


It’s Okay To Take a Break From Blogging

As you can tell, I have been pretty MIA on my blog. Even my posting on social media is sporadic. My last big post was all the way in April, can you believe that? If I’m honest with you, I was burnt out. I started a new full-time job this year and that took precedence in my life. The busier I got, the less time I had to blog. Moreover, I became more critical of what I put out online and became less motivated. It was like I was psyching myself out of posting. Although I love it, blogging along with social media became more of a chore for me. So I decided to take a break from blogging.

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Blue Box Cart Takes You On A Journey to TOMORROWLAND

Last night I was able to finally attend my first band launch for the season. And it was Blue Box Cart. I was excited to attend their launch because of their gorgeous costumes last year. If you’re interested to read my review, click the jump below.

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Colorz Ent 2017 Presents EXOTICA

Last Saturday yet another Kadooment band revealed their costume line for the upcoming Crop Over season. Colorz Ent while known for their years in the Foreday Morning band market, is relatively new to the Kadooment band scene. They only launched their band last year and already have improved upon last year’s launch. This year they revealed their concept of EXOTICA: Birds of Paradise, which sees men and women decked out in bird inspired costumes. If you’re interested, click the read more below.