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Tree Hut Shea Sugar Island Kiwi Scrub Review

It’s been forever since I did a proper product review. Since it’s long overdue, I decided to do one on a product that I’ve used for a while. Which is Tree Hut’s Shea Sugar Island Kiwi Scrub. If you’re interested in my views on this scrub, then just click the read more link below.

beauty review

Juvia’s Place Nubian Palette Review

Hello my lovelies. Earlier this month, I stated that I wanted to do at least one review as a goal. So I decided to give it a try, and bought something I’ve wanted for a long time. The highly acclaimed Nubian Palette Juvia’s Place.

This was a palette that was buzzing among many of my online friends. As well as a number of makeup gurus on Youtube. But what made me fall in love and believe in this palette was during my graduation. When I graduated from university, I hired a makeup artist to beat my face. And for my eyeshadow, she used the Nubian palette on my lids. I was super amazed by how pigmented it was on my skin. Usually I primed my lids a lot, just to get an inch of that pigmentation with other eyeshadows. I knew I had to have it and I was lucky enough to buy it at The Barbados Natural Hair Show from Beauty Beyond Looks, I local business that carries various makeup brands.

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Pretty Legit: A Rosewholesale Wig Review

In my last post: cosplay wig resources masterpost, I introduced you all to the website, Rosewholesale. I ordered from the site for the first time just last month. And I just couldn’t wait to share my rosewholesale wig review with you all.

I ordered to wigs from Rosewholesale on the early morning on June 15th, 2016. I purchased two wigs from their site. The Charming Capless Extra Long Shaggy Wavy Inclined Bang Trendy Synthetic Anime Cosplay Wig in SKY BLUE and the Fashion 70CM Multi-Layered Fluffy Long Wavy Side Bang Multicolor Optional Cosplay Wig in RED. The wigs were shipped out about four hours later.

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[REVIEW] GEO Princess Mimi (Bambi) Sesame Grey Circle Lens

I’m back again with another circle lens review! This time around I got my pair of lens from the lovely circle lens provider, LensVillage. I just wanted to say upfront that this is not a sponsored review. I bought these lens myself and the opinion of this post is mine, and mine alone.

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REVIEW: Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Circle Lenses

Long time no see! I have a load of backed blog posts to make. One of which is a review on a pair of circle lenses that I ordered this past summer. The first will be the Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Circle Lenses from the Bambi series.

I did a group order with some friend back on August 6th from PinkyParadise. These lenses that I recieved were part of their, spend over $60USD, get a free pair of GEO lenses. It just so happened that my extra pair were the Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green.

Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Circle Lenses
Comes in 14.8mm or 15.0mm diameter
Black limbal ring
$23.90USD from PinkyParadise