Circle Lenses Online Stores Masterpost

Hi everyone, long time no see. Now that I’ve finished summer school, I can focus more on making blog posts.

Every year, I try to get circle lenses to wear at the local anime convention. And this year is no different. Normally me and a couple of friends would do a group shipment.

Unfortunately, my usual supplier, Pinky Paradise has some issues with Paypal so they opted for an alternative payment system, Skrill. Now I’ve read people’s opinions on Skrill and it just isn’t an appealing method to use over Paypal. So I opted for an alternative to Pinky Paradise. During this search, I’ve come across various circle lens shops online.

This is what prompted me to make a post like this. I’ll be comparing different online shops and making notes on their features and I’ll leave it to you, my readers, to pick which one you’ll go with.

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