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[REVIEW] GEO Princess Mimi (Bambi) Sesame Grey Circle Lens

I’m back again with another circle lens review! This time around I got my pair of lens from the lovely circle lens provider, LensVillage. I just wanted to say upfront that this is not a sponsored review. I bought these lens myself and the opinion of this post is mine, and mine alone.

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Cute nail art for the summer

Hey y’all! Now I love nail art. When I go out, I always make sure I make some attempt to make nails pop! At school, it was against the rules to wear nail polish among other things. It was really hard to find the time to be stylish.

But this summer, I want to go all out. I have been going through sites for inspiration until I found a collection of cute nail designs for the summer. I’d like to show you my favorites and talk about them. Maybe you’ll find something that you really like.