Hello, Hello, I’m Chloe and welcome to my blog.

I’m bubbly 20-something year old that was borned and raised on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Firstly I’m a geek, a big one – anime, gaming, comics and cosplay. You name it, I’ve probably dabbled in it at least a little. But my interests don’t stop just there. I love photography, DIY and craft, fashion, beauty, all things cute and alternative.

Naomi ‘N Doll first started under the name Starbright Drams back in 2012. I started blogging due to my love for the Japanese fashion subculture, gyaru. It has obviously expanded since then as I did not want to box myself in as my interests expanded. Thefore I renamed the blog Naomi ‘N Doll, something cute but still represents me.

Naomi ‘N Doll

Naomi ‘N Doll is a blog for the everyday girl who loves beauty, has a inner geek or just wants to live life to the fullest. Blog topics includes reviews, self care and self improvement tips, cosplay life, personal stories and other things that just inspire me and I hope will resonate within you as well.

Fun Facts

  • I have a Bsc in Computer Science
  • I’m also part Trinidadian and despite born in Barbados, I was raised by my Trini mother and grandmother
  • I have been cosplaying since 2012
  • My camera: Nikon D3200 | Phone: Samsung s5 mini
  • I have Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • I don’t bite~ So feel free to drop me a line or message me on social media

Currently based in

For all collaborations, media and general enquiries please contact chloe@naomindoll.com

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