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Festive Nails to Try This Season

Christmas is one of those times of the year where you can get super creative. Whether it’s your house, food or even nails. I usually find myself scrolling through Pinterest looking at holiday nailspiration at every turn. I know some of you may be looking to do something different this season. So I figured why not showcase some festive nails for you to try this season!

If you want to find out what’s on the list, click below!

10 Festive Nails to Try This Season

Reindeers and Red Bows

reindeer and red ribbon festive nails naomi n doll


When you think of Christmas, one colour that comes to mind is red. Matched with white and gold; this nail art features a cute reindeer and bows.


Sweater and Snowflakes

Sweater nails and snowflakes festive nails naomi n doll


A mature silver, grey and silver nail art that features snowflakes and the cute sweater look.


Neon Snowflakes

Neon Snowflakes Festive Nails Naomi n Doll


This look is definitely different from the norm. Using pink, purple, blue and white to create a neon snowflake look.


Pink Christmas

Pink Christmas Festive nails naomi n doll


If you’re a girly-girl, you’ll love this nail art. If I had this describe this look, it’ll be Pink Christmas.

Black and White

black and white festive nails naomi n doll


Another unique Christmas look. Normally Christmas isn’t associated with black. But this nail art combines the unusual colour with white to produce a blackboard and chalk look.




Who doesn’t love gingerbread? In this nail art, you can wear the yummy Christmas dessert on your fingers.


Green and White

green and white festive nails naomi n doll


This festive nail art combines green and white along with glitter to produce a simple but cute look.


Grinch Nails

grinch nails festive nails naomi n doll


A bit more on the cartoony side, this nail art is inspired by the Grinch Christmas special. It features the titular character, his dog and the mountains in which he resides.

Santa Claus

santa claus festive nails naomi n doll


Ho Ho Ho! Turn your stiletto nails into ol’ Saint Nick himself.

Holiday Disney

holiday disney festive nails naomi n doll


Another cartoony nail art but featuring the loveable Disney characters in their best Christmas looks.



If you’re looking for even more Christmas nailspiration, then check out last year’s post on my blog.

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