December 2017 Goals

The end of the year is right around the corner. Everyone setting up their home homes for the festive season. Likewise, bloggers are getting ready for the annual Blogmas season. Honestly, Blogmas is one of my favourite things about the holiday season. In getting back in my new-found blogging spirit, I want to bring back an oldie but goodie. A goals post! If you’re interested in my December 2017 goals, check out my list below!

December 2017 Goals

  • Complete Blogmas – This is my second time trying my hand at Blogmas. Last year I came very close to reach my goal. However this year I prepared just for the occasion and written about half of the 24 blog posts that I will be posting this month.
  • Prepare for January blog posts – Now that I’m learning the importance of planning and writing ahead, I plan on tackling my January posts the same way. I’m hoping that writing in advance when my creativity is high will help even out the low points. That way my blog won’t suffer from an unexpected absence.
  • Practice using my tablet – I received a graphics tablet earlier this year. However, with the start of a new job, paired with a slow computer system, I wasn’t enthused about using it. Now that I got a new laptop, I hope to be using my tablet more.
  • Drink more water – I feel like this should be a staple, I’ve even considered making a chart to record my drinking levels.
  • Reach my monthly crochet quota – During the holiday season and the summer, I give myself a crochet quota challenge. It’s just a funny little thing I do keep me motivated. I didn’t make my quota this summer, unfortunately, so I’m hoping not repeat my mistakes for the December.
  • Be more active on Instagram – That’s one of the hardest things I’m trying to do this month. It’s posting more on Instagram. After taking a break from it, I haven’t been feeling motivated to update it like I used to. However, I do want to increase my numbers and level of engagement. And I know in order to do that, I have to actually put in the effort, haha. This also ties into my next goal…
  • Take more pictures – I find that nowadays I’m not taking as many pictures as I used to. Whether it being of me, scenery or otherwise. And I really hope to change it. Especially since pictures are so important to the blogging experience.

So I’ve listed out my main goals for the month of December and the holiday season. What are some goals that you hope to carry out this month or by the end of the year? Let me know in the comment section below!

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