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How to Budget During the Christmas Season

We’re already five days into Blogmas, can you believe it? It felt like just yesterday when I put out a post on Blogmas ideas. I wanted to do a post on a topic that’s not normally talked about. That’s how to budget during the Christmas season.
It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the holiday spirit and want to grant everyone’s wishes. However, this can result in you stretching your wallet too thin and then having to scrunt through the rest of December and maybe even early January.
So I wanted to share some tips for saving money during the holidays!

How to Budget During the Christmas Season

Plan and Budget, Budget, Budget

You don’t need to just budget for gifts. If you’re a very festive person you may attend some seasonal events and buy decorations for the house. You can start by getting out your notebook and start budgeting. You can break it down by:
  • How much you’re willing to spend on gifts for each individual
  • How much you’re willing to spend for and at each event
  • Your spending limit for new Christmas decor
If you feel a type of way about not spending enough on a gift for someone as they might for you, then you can mutually set a limit. This is frequently done for Secret Santa gift exchanges.

Shop Around

Let me tell you how important shopping around is. At least for me. You can easily find so many bargains, especially when it comes to decorations. I was recently able to save $30 in deco mesh just by going to a craft store instead of the big department store. Also in shopping around, you may stumble upon sales and other deals.

DIY Gifts

This is one piece of advice that I always see floating around. By making your own gifts you not only save money but it’s also really thoughtful. This is where planning and budgeting are also really important. Because you could end up spending more materials for your DIY than for the same item store-bought.

Check Out Gift Guides

I absolutely am loving the gift guide posts recently. So what’s so great about them? Well, you can find some real bargains on there as bloggers and stores alike will assemble a list of items for under $50, $20 and even $10. Even better are the stocking stuffers, for about the same price. If you feel self-conscious about giving one inexpensive item, you can bundle them and still be under budget. Thus giving more for your bank.
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Host A Secret Santa

If you have a large friends group this a great way to cut costs. Why? You can set a spending limit, everyone will get a gift in the end and you only need to give a gift to one person.

Don’t Stress

During this time of year, it’s normal to want to splurge and treat the important people in your life. But sometimes you have to be realistic and think about yourself. If you can’t afford it, no worries. The worst thing you can do is stress yourself out by worrying and getting sick. Or even forcing yourself to spend more (and¬†unnecessarily) just to make others happy.

So these are just a couple of my tips on saving during the holidays. Honestly, at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. The people who matter most to you during this season understand that as well. And no one should be putting themselves in debt, especially for something that’s just once a year.
So how do you budge during the Christmas season? Leave your tips down below, I’d love to read them.

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I really want to try making some DIY gifts as I think they always show such care and thought. I always end up buying them though! A secret Santa is a brilliant idea for saving money.

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