My 2017 Christmas Wish List

As it gets closer to Christmas, I’m spending more time organizing and buying gifts for friends and family. I’ve been so busy with work and the festivities that haven’t sat down and thought what I wanted for myself. I decided to do a post on my 2017 Christmas wish list.
I between my work schedule, I’ve still made time to sit down and read all sorts of blogmas posts by fellow bloggers. And I have to say my favourite are the wish lists. It’s so fun and relaxing to see what everyone’s must-haves are. If you can I definitely recommend checking out those posts since you might find something for a dear friend or yourself even.

My 2017 Christmas Wish List

Colourpop Eyeshadows

colourpop my little pony christmas wish list naomi n doll colourpop all i see is magic christmas wish list naomi n doll

My Little Pony & All I See Is Magic
Colourpop is a makeup brand that I’ve always wanted to get into it. I like the packaging of their products and how inexpensive they are. Of their eyeshadow palettes, the My Little Pony and All I See Is Magic are the two that have captured my heart. The former because of the nostalgia aspect and the latter for their colours and the shimmer.

Spectrum Brushes

Spectrum brushes Pearly Queen The Bomb Shell christmas wish listnaomi n doll

I’ve needed a new set of brushes for a while now. The last set I bought was on Aliexpress and it wasn’t up to par. So what better gift than a quality brush set. And the PEARLY QUEEN of Spectrum stole my heart at first sight. Not only does it come with a bag but it has a subtle mermaid aesthetic that I want.

Samsung Galaxy S8

samsung galaxy s8 christmas wishlist naomi n doll

Another must-have for me is a new cellphone. I love my S5 Mini but the phone has run its course. More so than anything it’s constantly running out of space and performing slowly. So it’s about time I get an upgrade and why not with the latest Samsung phone. An iPhone would be great too but I’m an Android girl at heart, not sorry to say.

Adorned By Chi

Magical Girl Gang: Official Member and Black & Proud T-shirts
This is a brand that I’ve eyed for a while now. And as a melanated magical girl myself, this brand speaks to me. These are just two of my favourite shirts from the Adorned By Chi.

Daria: The Complete Animated Series

You’re standing on my neck
This is one of my favourite series growing up. I loved how no-nonsense Daria was. And I could relate to her on many levels. I haven’t seen the series in years, so what better gift than the entire series that I can rewatch, Water Bottle

Work It Out
I’m one of those people who find water very difficult to drink. I always set myself a goal of drinking and very quickly fall off. ┬áSo I figured why not get a water bottle that would make me want to drink? And honestly, these bottles from are speaking to me.

Lush Products

I love Lush so much. So it’s no surprise that I would want it on the list. I’m honestly not too picky about the items I would get. Especially since it’s a rarity to see Lush in Barbados.
So this is my 2017 Christmas Wish List. I don’t think I want too much in the end. However, the items themselves can add up to be pricey, especially the cellphone. Want more inspiration? Check out my wish list for Christmas 2016. What are somethings that you’d like for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

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