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My 2017 Christmas Bucket List

Happy Sunday guys. Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows, I love making lists. I made a post about my goals earlier this month but this is different. It’s a 2017 Christmas bucket list. Furthermore, my bucket list much less serious than my goals posts, as it’s more of a wish list of things that I want to do. I wanted to share something fun with you guys, maybe something you’d want to try yourself this holiday season.

So without further to do.

My 2017 Christmas Bucket List

  • Decorate my room/a place for Christmas
  • Write my Christmas cards
  • Take part in a secret Santa gift exchange
  • DIY a Christmas gift for a friend
  • Do a Christmas-themed (cosplay) photoshoot
  • Bake cookies/cupcakes for Christmas
  • Marathon all my favourite Christmas cartoon specials
  • Visit at least one Christmas market
  • Make my big goals post for 2018
  • Do some holiday makeup looks
  • Attend a lot of Christmas events
  • Drink lots of hot chocolate, especially with mini marshmallows
  • Make a Christmas wish list
  • Create a big holiday crochet project
  • Attend one event wearing a Santa hat
  • Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Play board games with friends
  • Wear reindeer ears with my boyfriend
  • Drink a holiday-themed drink (shakes, lattes, etc)
  • Buy a holiday mug

I will be keeping you updated throughout the month on my progress. If you have a Blogmas post or your own Christmas bucket list, let me know in the comment section below.

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