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100 Blogmas Post Ideas

December is right around the corner, and is known for a busy time, even for bloggers. That’s because of Blogmas. Blogmas begins on December 1st and ends on the 25th. It consists of bloggers making daily posts on the topic of Christmas and the holiday season. The YouTube equivalent is usually called vlogmas (though vlogging isn’t required).

Last year I took part in Blogmas and had so much fun. It was great, creating all these holidays posts and reading others. Therefore you can expect that I’ll be doing it again this year.

Now you must be thinking, wow 25 posts is a lot of content to come up with such little time. Like many others, you may have hit a brick wall on ideas. However, have no fear as I have made a list of 100 Blogmas post ideas. These are great for bloggers with writers block who want that extra push.

Blogmas Post Ideas

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  1. Blogmas post ideas (you can make your own list of ideas)
  2. DIY Christmas decorations
  3. Christmas gifts for men/brother/father/husband/etc
  4. Christmas gifts for women/sister/mother/wife/etc
  5. Favorite Christmas cookie recipes
  6. A Letter to Santa Claus
  7. Christmas in your town/country
  8. DIY Christmas ideas for Kids
  9. List of favorite Christmas songs
  10. Favorite Blogmas posts
  11. Your ideal Christmas
  12. Featured post on Christmas traditions from around the world
  13. Your favorite Christmas food
  14. Share your Christmas Tree
  15. DIY Christmas cards
  16. Your favorite ugly Christmas sweaters
  17. Favorite holiday films
  18. Favorite funny Christmas jokes
  19. Delicious Christmas desserts that you love
  20. Childhood Christmas movies
  21. Take us holiday shopping with you
  22. DIY Christmas gifts
  23. Tips on dealing with family during the holidays
  24. Seasonal Lookbook
  25. New Year Resolutions/Goals
  26. Festive photo shoot ideas
  27. Holiday bucket list
  28. Vlogmas recommendation list
  29. Christmas OOTD (outfit of the day)
  30. DIY Christmas cards
  31. Etsy Christmas gift guide
  32. Favorite bloggers of 2017
  33. Christmas on a budget
  34. What you love and hate about the holidays
  35. New Years Eve Outfit Ideas
  36. Host a Christmas giveaway
  37. Holiday makeup looks
  38. Festive nail art
  39. Christmas traditions that you want to start
  40. Stocking filler ideas
  41. Affordable Christmas gift guide
  42. Baking ideas for the season
  43. Unique holiday cocktails
  44. Cute Christmas Jumpers
  45. Your favorite Christmas trees
  46. Favorite festive scents
  47. Winter skincare routine
  48. Must-watch Christmas specials
  49. Last minute gift ideas
  50. How to make a gingerbread house

Christmas Blogmas Post Ideas for Bloggers - Naomi n Doll

  1. Best gifts for your blogger friends
  2. DIY Christmas hat
  3. Cake ideas for the season
  4. Share some local Christmas events
  5. Elf on the shelf ideas
  6. Best and worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received
  7. Holiday pet peeves
  8. DIY tree topper
  9. Christmas day menu ideas
  10. Christmas craft ideas
  11. Favorite snowman designs
  12. Affordable seasonal makeup finds
  13. Christmas wishlist
  14. Best advent calendars
  15. Design your own wrapping paper
  16. How to stay motivated during the holidays
  17. Decor haul
  18. Do a Christmas tag
  19. Share childhood memory related to the holidays
  20. Gift ideas for your pets
  21. Vegan/Vegetarian Christmas dinner
  22. Holiday date ideas
  23. Upcycled Christmas ideas
  24. How to stay healthy during the holidays
  25. Sales haul
  26. Luxury gift guide
  27. Decorating at your home
  28. Recommended seasonal (video) games
  29. Christmas party essentials
  30. Do a Christmas collab with another blogger
  31. Cute Christmas crochet/knit gifts/decor/ideas
  32. Favorite drinks
  33. Wrapping ideas
  34. Animal lovers gift guide
  35. Review a holiday collection
  36. A list of favorite covers of popular Christmas songs
  37. Share your holiday pinterest board
  38. A day in your life
  39. Christmas GRWM (get ready with me)
  40. Share some etsy/small businesses that need some holiday love
  41. Secret Santa ideas
  42. Interview someone about their Christmas experience/memories
  43. Take us with you to a Christmas event
  44. Favorite Christmas jumpers
  45. Christmas decor ideas/inspiration
  46. Yummy Christmas snacks
  47. How to have a stress-free Christmas
  48. Dreaded Christmas activity
  49. Favorite Christmas cartoons
  50. Holiday guilt pleasures


4 replies on “100 Blogmas Post Ideas”

I have been struggling to think of ideas for next month and this has just gave me LOADS! loved this post x

Thank you so much for this list, I am currently doing Blogmas and feel so uninspired, each time is use one of your suggestions I have linked back to you for the credit!

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