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Colorz Ent 2017 Presents EXOTICA

Last Saturday yet another Kadooment band revealed their costume line for the upcoming Crop Over season. Colorz Ent while known for their years in the Foreday Morning band market, is relatively new to the Kadooment band scene. They only launched their band last year and already have improved upon last year’s launch. This year they revealed their concept of EXOTICA: Birds of Paradise, which sees men and women decked out in bird inspired costumes. If you’re interested, click the read more below.

Colorz Ent Band Launch

Colorz Ent

Colorz Ent wowed many locals with their lovely designs yet affordable prices. The leaders of the band sought to give potential patrons more for less and it really showed in their designs.

On top of their, a video featuring one of their models for the Lovebirds Curvy option went viral. These days, bigger women are looking to be represented and I don’t blame them. Anyone who has attend any carnival can see that women (and men) of all sizes jump and Kadooment is not exception. So why not have these same women see themselves in the models on stage? It’ll make it easier on them to visualize themselves in the costumes on Kadooment day. For that reason I have to say that Colorz Ent went above and beyond.

If you’re interested in knowing more about that band, you can find them on: Facebook, Instagram, Official Website

Costumes with an asterisk (*) denotes eligibility for the Colorz Ent Combo Foreday-Kadooment discount of $75.

Colorz Ent 2017 – EXOTIC: Birds of Paradise Costumes

Starling *

Frontline – $445 USD (Deposit: $100 USD)
Midline (Monokini) – $337.50 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)
Midline (Wholepiece) – $340 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)
Backline – $325 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)
Male – $262.50 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)

Parrot *

Frontline – $437.50 USD (Deposit: $100 USD)
Midline (Two Piece) – $325 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)
Midline (Monokini) – $337.50 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)
Male – $262.50 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)

Phoenix *

Frontline – $445 USD (Deposit: $100 USD)
Midline (Monokini) – $337.50 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)
Backline – $287.50 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)
Male – $262.50 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)

Peacock *

Frontline – $437.50 USD (Deposit: $100 USD)
Midline – $325 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)
Midline (Monokini) – $337.50 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)
Midline (Wholepiece) – $342.50 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)
Male – $262.50 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)


Frontline (Wire Bra) – $450 USD (Deposit: $150 USD)
Frontline (Monokini) – $437.50 USD (Deposit: $150 USD)
Curvy Option – $325 USD (Deposit: $150 USD)

  • Secy cover up add on – $40 USD

Backline (Cut bra, two piece) – $290 USD (Deposit: $100 USD)
Male – $265 USD (Deposit: $50 USD)

  • Mohawk headpiece upgrade available – $45 USD


Frontline (Monokini) – $475 USD (Deposit: $150 USD)
Midline (Curvy Option) – $400 USD (Deposit: $150 USD)
Backline (Monokini) – $350 USD (Deposit: $150 USD)

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