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Blue Box Cart Takes You On A Journey to TOMORROWLAND

Last night I was able to finally attend my first band launch for the season. And it was Blue Box Cart. I was excited to attend their launch because of their gorgeous costumes last year. If you’re interested to read my review, click the jump below.


The Venue

So the venue for the band launch was at Harbour Lights. Which is where it always is, and it makes sense since it is the Harbour Lights band. The entry fee was $32.50 USD which suited me just fine because it was drinks free. And I believe if I’m doing drinks free that I drink my money’s worth.

It was honestly my first time at Harbour Lights, and I felt it was a great injustice that all these years I’ve never gone or had anyone take me. I was kind of in awe when I stepped in, the venue was definitely different from what I imagined it looked like. They also changed the set up just for the launch, moving to an raised stage off to the side to accommodate more people.

The Launch

The turn out was really good, which is expected, Harbour Lights and Blue Box Cart has a loyal clientage. So they don’t have to worry about a bad turn out for an event like this. The venue was packed but not so much so that it was annoying.

The Models

The models for the launch were a good mix of old and new faces when compared to the previous year. What I liked about the launch is that after the costumes were displayed on stage, the models entered the crowd so that you can see the costumes up close and person. And they were all very friendly too. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like once the models are in costume, they represent the band and the kind of service and vibes I’m to expect. So being stand-offish or mean would really turn me off unless I really like the costume. But I can’t say that about these girls, they were all smiles and very welcoming.


I really was sold and hyped up with my friends, I ended up buying my costume at the launch. As soon as the models left the stage, you could go to the front of the venue and be met with big screens displaying the costumes. Along with band staff ready to aid you with your registration and a poster of the prices for the band.

When I approached the desk, I received a card which I filled with my information and preferences. I was still unsure about what I did and did not qualify for so I asked the lady at the desk to run through it with me. She was so nice and helpful, letting me know what would cost extra, what I didn’t have to pay for, etc. All of my information was input into an iPad and my final cost was given. I paid, hassle free and received not only my receipt but an email copy too.

I received some really good customer service at Harbour Lights. From the security to the models to the bartenders and models, I felt really welcomed.


You know I had to save the best for last. Now the costumes were gorgeous from beginning to end. When I was younger Blue Box Cart wasn’t a band I’d look to for creative or gorgeous costumes. However that has changed in the past two or three years. While not actively competing against anyone for awards or clientage, they continue to wow and outpace other bands in design. They look to keep their structure simple but detailed. They offer three lines plus men for each section, except the women’s only Nirvana. And despite all the glitz, glam and gorgeous costumes? They are one of the most affordable bands in the island. I think they’re the cheapest you can go before going into the outdated category of bands.

While the band does require you to pay full price and not a down payment like every other band out there, you are given a discounted price from launch date to May 3rd. Therefore giving you enough time to get your weekly or monthly pay together to jump with them.

Band Prices

The prices for all the costumes are the same so you don’t have to worry about picking the cheapest of them all. However, the prices are subject to change not only after May 3rd and through out the season. So please do not be angry if you decide to buy your costume in July and realise you’re paying more than any of the prices list in this page.

If you’re interested in jumping with Blue Box Cart, you can visit their Facebook page for more info.


Frontline: $522.50 USD (After 05/03: $547.50 USD)

  • Available in jewelled bikinis/monokinis or jewelled corset
  • Includes large feathered back pack, feathered headpiece, feathered arms and legs, jewelled necklace, wee wee truck, music, drinks and Sunday beach parties

Gold: $392.50 USD (After 05/03: $422.50 USD)

  • Includes jewelled bra, jewelled strappy bottom, feathered collar, feathered arm and legs, headband, necklace, music, drinks and Sunday beach parties

Backline: $262.50 (After 05/03: $292.50 USD) | (Feathered collar: $67.50 USD)

  • Available in bikinis, tankinis ($20), regular monokinis or whole pieces ($20)
  • Includes waistband, headband, armbands, necklace, music, drinks and Sunday beach parties

Corset option is $67.50 USD

Men: $197.50 USD (After 05/03: $230 USD)

  • Includes jacket, baggies, arm bands, waistband, neck piece, hat, music, drinks and Sunday beach parties

Blue Box Cart Band Costumes


Blue Box Cart - Amazonia Poster


Blue Box Cart - Exotica Poster


Blue Box Cart - Limbo Poster


Blue Box Cart - Neverland Poster


Blue Box Cart - Nirvana Poster


Blue Box Cart - Olympus Poster


Blue Box Cart - Wonderland Poster

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