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Girls Night Out Barbados Event

Last Saturday I was able to attend the first Girls Night Out Barbados Mix & Mingle event. I was so excited to attend this event about female empowerment and healing the emotional scars in women.

Girls Night Out Barbados

When I arrived at the event I was amazed and happy to see so many women of different sizes, skin color and ages. It was definitely an all-inclusive event which I loved. On top of that, the event featured some of the women’s businesses.

Women were able to share their stories of growth and empowerment. Which really inspired me. It motivates me to see other Barbadian women overcoming trials and tribulations. If they can do it, then so can I, right? There was a short intermission where we were able to mingle with each other and check out some of the businesses there.

Girls Night Out Barbados | Naomi 'n Doll


There were three businesses: Lush Gems, Button Me Up and Ethereal Gems.

Lush Gems | IG 

The first exhibitor I went to. This store offers stylish and affordable jewelry from chokers to cuffs. They also offered the girls lovely chocolate coins.

Button Me Upp | IG

Crystal & plant-based jewelry. I loved the concept of this brand, interestingly mixing healing crystals with locally grown plants.

Button Me Upp - Crystal & Plant Based Jewelry at Girls Night Out Barbados | Naomi 'N Doll

Ethereal Stones | IG

This is a handmade jewelry brand by fellow blogger Theodora. The jewelry are made of beautiful crystals which carry healing abilities.

Girls Night Out Barbados | Naomi 'n Doll

Myself and fellow Bajan blogger Theodora of Island Myst. Who is such a sweetheart and I enjoyed talking to her. Please give her blog some love guys.

I got to talk to empowerment advocate and organizer Jalisa Boxil about the movement. Down below is our little interview, that will give you a better understanding of this movement and its goals.

Founder Jalisia Interview

Jalisia Boxil & Friend at Girls Night Out Barbados | Naomi 'N Doll
Jalisia Boxil (Right) and fellow queen rocking their Girls Night Out Bds Shirts

Can You Introduce Yourself?

Jalisia: I’m Jalisia, I’m the founder of Girls Night Out Barbados. I’m 26 years old, firm believer in female empowerment and in women living an empowered life. That’s the movement. I always say I’m not a feminist and this is not a feminist group but it’s definitely about women feeling good about themselves, valuing themselves, understanding that they’re a queen. And just spreading all of to the world

Can You Tell Me More About Girls Night Out?

J: Well Girls Night Out is only five months old. I call it my five month old baby. And I would say that it’s a female empowerment movement. What we do is that we seek to address the emotional scars within women. We tackle the emotional scars because women are very emotional. A lot of the things that relates to us is surrounded by our emotions. So if you can help heal and minister to emotions of a woman, then you can help her holisticly. We also create a platform or voice for the empowered woman. I do believe that now is the time for the empowered woman to rise and have presidente here on earth. It’s time now for women to be more together and operate in that cohesiveness and love. Because we are very relatable and I would never say that I don’t relate to a woman. I bear the answers that you need and you bare the answers that I need. So why not just be together and not against each other.

What Are Some of Future Goals You Have for Girls Night Out?

J: Well right now we’ve only done our bonding sessions and that is to create awareness. This is our first Mix & Mingle for 2017, it’s definitely to create awareness as well. For the future, we plan to have workshops, seminars, conferences. We want to do peer groups with the women. Because you can’t just seek to address emotional scars and not physically help the woman as well. We want to have mentors coming out of this as well.

We also have a brunch coming up after this, so we’ll be having brunches, dinners, everything. We’re just attacking this holistically because this is definitely about what a woman would like. Whatever a woman likes we’re going to do for them, strategically what is going to help them. I call it healing with fun.

What Are Any Dream Collaborations You’d Like  Girls Night Out to Have? Any Organizations? Celebrities?

Definitely, Definitely. What I’m really looking forward to do is a lot of collaborations outside of Barbados with other big movements. I made contact with Ladies Who Brunch: Atlanta, but I’m not ready to go into details about that yet. I’m really looking to connect with a lot of international life coaches. That’s it for sure. I really want to attach the movement to a charity, women-related issues charity. I want to do something with the Breast Cancer Association as well. Because like I said, you can’t address the emotions and not physically help the women. So that’s it for now.

Girls Night Out Barbados Businesses | Naomi 'n Doll
Girls Night Out Barbados featuring local businesses

So What About Within Secondary Schools?

Yes, definitely. That’s actually something that I personally do. I’m working on a mentorship program which has been implemented in schools. I’ve been to a couple of schools so far such as Parkinson and Combermere. What that program basically entails helping young people outside of school. Because school teaches you the education, but nobody teaches you how to cope outside of school. So I’d definitely love to have a team of women (because we’re now building a team at GNO) to do that as well. Because we just want to take over

What Do You Hope These Women Will Be Able To Walk Away At The End of These Events?

I always hope that they feel empowered and treasure themselves. And understand that they are indeed a treasure, that they learn the essence of who they are  and truly value themselves. But I have to say that from the three previous sessions, women would always say: “It was therapeutic”, “I love the unity in the atmosphere” and “it’s really a safe haven for me, a place I’d want to share”. And with our Snapchat takeovers women are definitely resounding the same tune and that is what I love the most about it. The fact that they are connecting with the power that resides within sharing. The aim is being fulfilled and we’re only at five months.

I Have To Say The Snapchat Takeover Was A Great Idea

Me: Because some people you see, and you only see them outside and assume, “oh their life must be peachy”. But then these chats show everyone has their struggle

And that’s the beautiful thing about the Snapchats and the movement. It makes everyone feel equal, there is true equality. Women understand that she has more followers than I do, or she might be more successful than I but we are indeed equal. We are indeed sharing and facing the same things. And that’s what I also love, it makes everyone come together. All walks of life, age, demographics. That’s why I didn’t put a stipulation of age on it. Everyone comes together and heals the same. I am a woman, I am strong, valiant, I face the same thing you face. You overcame it and I can overcome it too. So everybody helps each other.

Thanks to A.B.I Productions and Theodora (Island Myst) for some accompanying photos.

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