50 Romantic Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It’s the month of February so you know that love is in the air. You may want to plan a romantic evening with your loved one. However you have no idea what to do for that special day. Well have no fear, I’ve decided to compile a list of about 50 date ideas. If you’re interested, dive right in after the jump.

50 Romantic Date Ideas

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  1. Start a bonfire and roast marshmallows under the skies.
  2. Have a movie/Netflix night at home.
  3. Take a dance class. It is fun when taken lightly, while sending your heart a flutter with your lover in your arms.
  4. Take a romantic scroll through the park. It’s very calming being one with nature. Even more when you’re with a loved one.
  5. Spa night, where you pamper each other. Think massage, facials, rose petals and scented candles.
  6. Take a road trip to explore the nearest town or city.
  7. Re-make your first date.
  8. Make delicious food and have a romantic dinner date at home.
  9. Why not check out the arcade, exchange all those tickets for some nice gifts.
  10. Have a small picnic as you want the sunrise / sunset.
  11. Flip through photo albums together.
  12. Visit your favorite aquarium or museum.
  13. Go on an ice cream date in the evening.
  14. Visit a local market together. Because even simple things like shopping are enjoyable.
  15. Go mini-golfing.
  16. Make your own treasure/scavenger hunt, where the prize is the gift you’ve bought for them.
  17. How about a day of baking together, making each others favourite pastries.
  18. Head down to your local ice skating rink.
  19. Go to a poetry night or live music night at a local spot.
  20. Do a puzzle.
  21. Attend a football or cricket game.
  22. Go-karts is always fun.
  23. Camp out indoors.
  24. Book a staycation and spend the day as a tourist.
  25. Take a bubble bath together.
  26. Who can say no to couple photos? Do a mini photo shoot.
  27. Have a night in with a variety of desserts. Furthermore why not feed each other chocolate covered strawberries.
  28. Read old love letters.
  29. Go bowling.
  30. Do an art project together.
  31. Have a beach day with just the two of you.
  32. Volunteer together.
  33. Have a karaoke competition.
  34. Take up scrapbooking and make one of all your favorite past dates.
  35. Go bar hopping. On the other hand, you can exchange bar with coffee shop or bakery!
  36. Attend the opera or a musical.
  37. Go on a hike together.
  38. Build a blanket fort.
  39. Go to a local attraction and take a tour.
  40. Visit the zoo.
  41. Head to the local winery and take part in wine tasting.
  42. Go camping
  43. Have a nerf/water gun fight.
  44. Try out a restaurant you or your significant other have always wanted to go.
  45. Carnival time. For instance you can take a ride on a ferris wheel or the tunnel of love.
  46. Binge watch YouTube videos together. How about trying one of those couple challenges  .
  47. Library date. Spend the time picking out books you’d love to read together.
  48. Go horseback riding.
  49. Attend a local festival.
  50. Finally, have a games night. For exampples there’s board games, ‘would you rather’, and even video games.


I tried some of these date ideas myself and it was such a blast. Also I threw some in that I’d love to do myself. Hoping this list will be able to help you have a fun Valentine’s Day. If you plan on doing something different, definitely let me know in the comment section below!

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