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Friday Favorites: Blog Posts to Check Out

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do yesterday’s post. As you guys may know, I caught the case of the flu and between yesterday and Wednesday night, it hit me really bad. Luckily it’s gone for the most part *knocks on wood* but now I have some joint pain. Still I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging without a post. On Fridays I’m hoping to do Friday Favorites, which are going to cover my favorite people, posts, Instagram accounts from around the internet. This is my way of spreading love, because we need more love and positvity in this world.

Friday Favorites Blog Posts

SheaMoisture’s African Black Soap Review + My Seborrheic Dermatitis by Island Myst

So this is my favorite blog post for so many reasons. I used to read Thea’s blog a couple of years back, so I’m more than happy to see her start blogging again. I’m also all about supporting Bajan creatives, so I’m more than elated to see another Bajan blogger around. In this blog post, you get an honest review on SheaMoisture’s African Black Soap products. She also gives a mini history of her Seborrheic Dermatitis, which resonates with me so much. As someone who suffers from this chronic skin condition, it’s honestly nice to know that I’m not alone. Even better, I love to see everyone’s unique way of handling it. So please send some love her way.

What Self Care Currently Looks Like To Me by The Curvaceous Vegan

Another lovely post from one of my favorite bloggers. During the holiday season, we tend to let a lot of things slip. Either because we’re too busy or being overindulgent. Amie shares with us some of the way she’s going to be taking care of herself now that the holiday season is officially over. It really makes you think, how are you going to take care of yourself this year.

Blogging On Zero Budget by GirlGone Dreamer

Ever wanted to get into blogging but feel like you just don’t have the money to? This post by Justine will prove to you that blogging can be done on any budget. What I love about this post is that her love for blogging and her determination shows through. It is such a motivating post that will definitely help those who feel they need to have the nicest camera or high-tech laptop to be a good blogger.

Feeling Lonely Online by Dorkface

Ever felt like despite being surrounded by so many people, you’re still alone? Jemma puts into the words those exact feelings in an online context. This post resonates with me as I feel like sometimes I’m alone online. Or even that I’m just typing into the abyss. It’s natural to feel alone and an outsider when you see so many in the community going out and having fun. This is a great post to know, hey, you’re not alone.

5 Ways to Grow Your Blog’s Audience by Maria J

Ever wanted to reach a larger audience by wasn’t sure how? In Maria’s latest blog post, she teaches you how to do so in 5 simple ways. I love that not only does she make a list, she goes on to expand on them. Thus giving an overall understanding of audience growth. If you feel like you’re in a rut and no one is reading your blog, tries any of the steps in that post.

My favorite blog posts of the week are featured in this post | Friday Favorites | Naomi 'n Doll

These are just some of my favorites for this week. I hope you’ll give them some love and let me know which posts you enjoyed. If you recently made a blog post, by all means share it in the comment section below. I’d love to read what you wrote!

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