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My Christmas Wish List

This is the time of the year where I can state what I want without feeling guilty or like a little twat. On average, I rarely ask people to buy me anything for Christmas, especially because I’m more of a giver than a receiver. It’s also because I tend to want things that are too expensive to expect anyone to buy for me. Regardless, I figured what’s the harm in sharing my Christmas wish list with you lovelies. Especially since it’s my favorite kind of posts to read. It’s almost like a gateway into what kind of person you are.

My Christmas Wish List

Christmas wish list: bullet journal/notebook, huion h610pro graphics tablet, macbook, iphone 6, lush cosmetics, diva ring light | Blogmas | Naomi 'n Doll

Huion H610PRO

When I was younger my mom got me a graphics tablet because I was really into art (and still am). It was a Wacom Bamboo tablet which was great for a beginner at the time. Obviously as school held my priority, the tablet died due to lack of use. Ever since I wanted to get a new one, but alas money was always an issue. With a new table I can get back into my art groove, help me in creating graphics for my blog and editing photos will be a breeze.

iPhone 6 (or newer) and Macbook

Objectively speaking, I’m a PC and Android girl, I’m definitely don’t care about the status attached to these items. So why want these products you may ask? Well as a blogger and content creator, I realise that Apple products are amazing for content creators. Trust me, there’s a big difference between editing a picture on a PC vs a Mac. Likewise with the iPhone, I own a Samsung S5 Mini (which I love no lie), but when it comes to photos on Instagram, my phone doesn’t cut it. So much so I’ve just defaulted onto using my DSLR for my IG pictures. Talk about daunting

A Journal/Notebook

So I’ve recently gotten all wrapped up in the bullet journal craze. And why not? It’s a great way to be organized while being a potentially creative outlet for the author. You can basically transform the blank pages into anything that you can dream of. It may be weird to ask for a notebook on a wish list, but I’ve searched up and down for the perfect BuJo and failing. The notebooks I’ve seen in Bridgetown are either too big or too small, not sturdy and ugh, the lines.

Lush Products

So earlier this year when my boyfriend’s sister came down from summer she bought me a bath bomb. Honestly, I was surprised since the convo started with me asking if she liked them by any chance. And she went researching it and thus how I obtained my first Lush product. And what with the reviews I’ve read lately, my love was concrete.

Ring Light

Despite living in such a sunny part of the world, I’m cursed with a house of small windows. So I have to opt for taking pictures in my veranda or trying to chase light. With a Ring Light, your photos will have natural lighting (trust me your house light won’t cut it). It will also aid me when I’m trying to take self-portraits for my blog.

Other Minor Items On My Christmas List

Christmas gift wish list: cute stationery, letter box lamp, unicorn mug, fairy lights, sugarpill cosmetics, alpacasso, fairy lights | Blogmas | Naomi 'n Doll


And that’s my list, it’s kind of funny to me how half of it is like electronics. Can you tell I’m a electronics nerd at heart? So what are is on your Christmas wish list? I’d love to know in the comment section below. Even better if you leave a link to your wish list post!

My blogmas post on my epic Christmas Wish List | Naomi ' N Doll

49 replies on “My Christmas Wish List”

Haha it’s true. I realised when writing this, I want all these expensive electronics and then there’s the cheaper things like stationery haha.

I kept seeing the Letter Box in various vlogs and I would love to replace the old lamp that I have in my room. Not only creative but useful.

My photo taking urge is almost always at the dead of night honestly. So a ring light would be a god send for someone like me.

Up until now I thought that I couldn’t get it because the US store didn’t ship to Barbados. But then I saw that the UK one does and I was so happy.

Same here, I’ve been binging on YT videos on the topic so I’m getting a bit more confidence on this.

Nice list! I’d love a new Macbook too! And a new phone. But I can’t upgrade until March. Boo.

Yes I’ve only recently gotten interested in journaling and it looks so theraputic

I definitely wanted a mug that would stand out. Yes! It’s great seeing so many people in the journal boat.

That or a soft box is really great for people who don’t have natural lighting. I def recommend it.

I’m glad it’s inspiring. If you make a list definitely let me know. I’d love to read it.

I’m glad you liked it!
Yes the lamp just adds some personality to the room.

Yeess, it’s usually very sunny here but I always find myself wanting to take pictures on cloudy days or it when the sun is ready to set.

I love all of them! These is pretty amazing things. Thanks for sharing this to me. I like it!

That’s a pretty cool Christmas list! I hope you get the things that you want this year, if not all, at least some of the major ones!

I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I really wanted to make it such a light and easy to read post.

Thank you and it’s true. My Samsung laptop is not as old but definitely deserves an upgrade.

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