12 Christmas Themed YouTube Videos for Extra Cheer

Yesterday I shared on a post on Blogmas and you all really seemd to like it. So I figured why not do one on videos as well? I’m such a YouTube junkie, I can watch it for hours on end. So I felt this was the perfect post to do. Combining the holiday cheer with YouTube obsession. Here’s a list of 12 Christmas themed YouTube videos to give you that extra holiday kick!

12 Christmas Themed YouTube Videos

  1. Bonding Time With This Little One | Vlogs By DK4L
  2. Zalfie Christmas Duet | MoreZoella
  3. Target Christmas Haul! | Seirra and Alex
  4. Classic Christmas Makeup 2016 | Amy-Rose Walker
  5. Festive Fashion Lookbook | Fashion Mumblr
  6. Weirdest Misheard Christmas Lyrics Of All Time |BuzzFeedVideo
  7. DIY Christmas Party 2016 | Gillian Bower
  8. The Grinch – Nostalgia Critic | Channel Awesome
  9. 5 Holiday DIY Christmas Gifts | Bethany Mota
  10. Guys Try Holiday Glam Makeup Tutorials | BuzzFeedYellow
  11. Christmas Lego Building with Jim | Zoella
  12. American Kids Try Christmas Foods from Around the World | WatchCut Video

So this are 12 videos on vlogmas, send that YouTuber some love guys. You can also comment below and let me know what are your favourite vlogmas videos. Furthermore, who are your favorite YouTubers? I’m just dying to know.

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