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Christmas in Barbados

Hi guys, I know some of you were expecting to see two posts this past weekend. However due to some unforeseen circumstances, that wasn’t possible. However I’m learning not to beat myself up over not posting. Especially when it’s out of my control. But I’m here today and strong with it. Today’s post is about something personal to me, Christmas in Barbados. If you’d like to know how we celebrate Christmas in the Gem of The Caribbean Sea, read more.

About Barbados

Christmas in Barbados - Find out what Christmas is like in this tropical paradise - Naomi 'n Doll

Some of you guys know that I live in Barbados, and some who are reading this never heard of the country before in their life. So here’s a little information on my home. Brbados is a small island, located in the Caribbean. We’re just above Trinidad and Tobago, but slightly to the east. The country was colonized by the british until 1961 and became independent in 1966. Thus meaning we are in our 50th year of Independence. Amazing isn’t it? The country still has some aspects of the British still in our culture. So much so we’re called Little England. Still, we have our own culture and way of celebrating Christmas.

Christmas in Barbados

Honestly, like many other countries, this time of the year is so busy and hectic. While it’s normal for stores to be closed on Sunday, many of them are open till the evening during December. You also have more tourists from North America and Europe on the island too. Because who wouldn’t want to have a little summer during the winter season. So it really does add to number of people I see on the streets.

Nonetheless, there’s many highlights to this season for Bajans. For the young adults, there’s a lot of events than back in the day. So you can even go out and party on Christmas Eve. For the children, there’s more delightful than the lights and decorations. Our roundabouts are made to match the holiday theme and some homes are brightly lit with all the Christmas colors of the rainbow. Some places even mix Christmas with Barbados and decorate with our national colors.

One major aspect of Christmas in Barbados that many dread is the cleaning. And lemme tell you, it’s not your average sweep and dust. I’m talking changing curtains and carpets; and polishing ornaments. This activity can take a whole day and you’d feel drained at the end of it. Every family has their reason for doing it. My mom’s reasoning was based on religion, believe it or now.

Christmas Day

Still for many, Christmas in Barbados is still about friends and family. So while there are events, people are holding their private house parties. On Christmas morning, some Bajans will make their way to their respective churches. While others are heading to Queen’s Park, located in Bridgetown, our capital. Queen Park is amazing during this time of year, though I’ve never been. People in Barbados love to dress up for events and they shine here. People go above and beyond to dress in their finest outfits. There’s usually a service to go along with the gathering. You can watch a lovely performance by our national police band, and other local artists. After that service, they head on home to have lunch with the family.

So let’s get into Christmas lunch. Honestly my favorite part of Christmas day. The staples for many local families are the great cake, baked ham and Jug Jug (influenced by the Scottish haggis). Of these three, I love the great cake, which is also know as black cake. It is to die for, honestly. Great cake is made using clove, cinnamon, dried fruits (think currants, raisins and prunes), and the main ingredient: alcohol. The alcohol can be either rum, port wine or falernum. I love it and it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I hear ‘Christmas’. It’s such a moist cake, and I definitely recommend it to you to try this season. Also with this cake, it’s not unusual for children to eat it, but I recommend small portions.


So that’s it you guys, Christmas in Barbados. Definitely tell me what you think about it down in the comment section below. And share with me what Christmas is like in your own country. I’d love to hear all about it.

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We get so many tourists from England actually so there may be some specials, especially off season 😀

I’ve always dream to spend Christmas on some tropical island and i lve always wanted go to Barbados ( ok to be honest I haven’t heard about that island before Rihanna became famous but after that when I googled where it is I felt in love ) . So who knows maybe I can plan for next year! Love your post

Don’t worry, many people haven’t heard of the island before Rihanna. To think she’s been on the scene for about 10 years now. Rihanna is honestly one of our biggest prides.

And you should definitely come here for sure!

I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Oh yes, so much work with cleaning. The next big cleaning for us is for Easter actually haha.

Girl, I think all of us dread the cleaning lol. Christmas there sounds really nice. I’d love a piece of that great cake!

I personally love travelling during the holidays to get away from the hustle of home and the stress that other people project. So maybe I can come visit you? haha, but seriously I would love to visit Barbados to see the beaches and eat the great food there! Plus, I don’t mind the dust so you don’t have to clean for me..haha

Haha, I definitely think you would enjoy it here. Especially because people here are so friendly!

As a Trini I can relate to this entirely! Intense cleaning and all lol The preparation process is exhausting but in the end when friends and family come together it’s all worth it! And of course, the weather is always divine 🙂

hey I definetly learnt some new things from reading your post. I’ve never been to Barbados but I have friends and family on the island. we trinis call great cake black cake (first time I’ve heard it called that) and its not christmas without it!

We use great cake and black cake interchangeably actually. My mother’s side of the family is Trini in fact.

The whole day sounds so cozy! Living in FL, we have our own idea of Christmas, haha! It’s not quite the snowy wonderland that is associated with winter, is it? 🙂

Thank you for reading. If I ever saw snow, I’d be so worried, you know lol.

I love Barbados! I spent 2 weeks there with my grandmother in 2010 (Gob rest her soul) and it was amazing! We were there during the rainy season but it was still awesome 😀 Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for reading. I’m glad that you enjoyed this country, you should definitely come back.

Must be amazing to have a warm Christmas without coats and jackets. A Christmas where you can wear a bikini would be lovely!!!


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