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5 Things I Love and Dislike About Christmas

So I wanted to share another personal post with you guys today. Which are the five things I love and dislike about Christmas. I could not just write hate, it’s such a strong word to me. I talk a bit on each topic, so I hope that you’re able to enjoy this post. Also you can also join in and talk about what you love or dislike about this holiday season.

5 Things I love About Christmas

  1. The Decorations – I love driving about the country (Barbados is that small) and looking at the decorations. In Barbados, our capital and roundabouts are perfectly decorated in December to match the holiday season. Some people’s homes are beautifully decorated, even my own.
  2. Friendliness – During this time of the year people are friendlier and giving. They are willing to donate to various charities. They are also always sure to have a smile on their faces.
  3. Food – during Christmas time, I just love the fact that I get to eat my favorite dessert, black/rum cake! It is so delicious honestly, and is perfect for those who love a little alcohol. It’s much rarer to have any other time of the year. Unless you’re at a Caribbean wedding. I don’t know why but it’s a go to cake to give the guests. I also get to drink homemade sorrel which is beyond divine. And there’s so many ways to spice it up or make it different.
  4. Sales – Sales are legit hard to come by in Barbados and are rarely announced unless you’re on Facebook all day. Maybe then you’ll be luck to see your favorite store is doing a sale. But Christmas time, sales are much more common. Especially this year? One of my favorite makeup stores is having a sale up until the 24th. Maybe I should get something, hmmm.
  5. Movies/Specials – The only time of the year where I can watch Christmas themed movies and specials without any shame. I also get this super warm and calm feeling when watching them.

5 things I love and dislike about Christmas | The holidays aren't all fun and joy, there's somethings that are bound to annoy. Read more to find out what they are| Naomi 'N Doll

5 Things I Dislike About Christmas

  1. Always Busy – During the Christmas season, we’re all known for being really busy. Usually I didn’t have this problem as a child because all I did was just to show up. Now as an adult I have so much to do and so many places to go. Between today and the 27th? I’ll be going to at least 7 events, starting on Thursday. There’s some that I even turned down myself. On the bright side, there’s nothing I’m hosing or in charge of. So less pressure.
  2. Crowds– In Barbados, this time of the year is where we tend to get a ton of tourists. So many tourists. I personally don’t have a problem with them. And with a couple drinks in me, I like to go up to them and start a convo. But it also means that there’s so much more people in town than usual. So the walkways are congested. It makes it so hard to get around and do the things that I need to do. So I start planning gifts from mid-November, and buy things around the end of the month. If I should have to venture out to the capital, pray for me, haha.
  3. Christmas Cleaning – I generally don’t mind cleaning. But Christmas cleaning is is on another level. It usually takes up the entire day, and the less people there are in the home, the longer and more daunting it is. It usually includes cleaning all my mom’s ornaments; changing all the curtains and heavy carpets; and worsty yet? The rearranging of the big furniture till it’s to my mom’s liking. I think that it’s something every Caribbean child hates to do but begrudgingly do anyways. (Until we become our mothers and do the same to our children).
  4. Mail – During the Christmas time, getting mail is atrocious. Now I know why the reason for that is, hence why I try to order in mid November the latest. But it takes so long for me to get the things I need during the season. Worst yet, I feel bad for people in the postal service because they are being worked to the bone, I’m sure. So if you happen to see your postman during this season, be extra nice to him.
  5. Christmas Weight – Like you saw above, I love Christmas food. But I’ll be the first to admit, I’m overindulgent with it. I eat with my eyes sometimes I swear. So you know all of that is just going to lead to my getting a potbelly. I wish I could just eat all I want and not put on the extra weight. Cause then I have to work twice as hard to shed it off.

So those are the things I love and dislike about the holiday season. Definitely comment below with your own and I’d definitely read them.

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Yep I pretty much like Christmas for all the same reasons you do – it’s annoying you only really have sales on at this time of year tho, we have them pretty much all year round aha!

The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

I love the decorations and lights this time of year. It just looks so nice in everyone’s homes and even at businesses and stores. The thing I dislike the most though is all the family drama that occurs. Hopefully that’s not just my family!

– Courtney

Oh yes family drama is the worst. I usually spend Christmas with my immediate family. But last year extended family came to visit and it was definitely a mess.

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