2016 Trends That I Wish Would Disappear in 2017

So guys after that holiday break, I’m back with a new post. Just before the year ends. This one I didn’t want to be too heavy, more of a chit chat post. I was inspired by some of the YouTubers that I love. And they have been doing, trends they want to see go away in 2017. So I figured why not make my own list, you know? So here are the 2016 trends that I wish would disappear in 2017.

2016 Trends I Wish Would Disappear

Makeup Shaming

I’m sure that a lot of my fellow makeup wearers have experienced this. You usually see it online with those “take her to the beach on the first date” posts. Or “this is why I have trust issues”. Can we just stop it? Like it’s rude and disrespectful and puts women in the damn if you do, damn if you don’t situation. I’ve had deal with some women telling me they don’t wear makeup when I mention beauty blogging. Mind you, I’ve never asked them if they do but yet they feel the need to let me know anyways.

Darkening Yourself Into Another Race

I see that a lot with some girls on Instagram. Where their makeup on their face don’t even match their hand. Like it makes me feel weird seeing people trying to appear to be a light skin black girl. Kylie Jenner is known for that.

2016 trends I wish would disappear in 2017 kylie jenner - naomi n doll

Badly Done Fake Freckles

Another trend that I see all up on the gram. I don’t have a problem with fake freckles, they can be really cute when done right. But I’ve seen some that look like the person got bruises on their face. Really not cute, and it could be avoided by taking the time to perfect the look.

Clear Shoes

This bothers me on an aesthetic level. I thought these shoes were so cute and wanted a pair for myself. They’re gorgeous in pictures or for editorial. But when you wear it for hours on end? It turns into a hot mess, literally, your feet are sweating since plastic isn’t breatheable. And then you’re actually seeing it all cause clear plastic. A clear heel is cute though and I’m glad I’m seeing more of those.


I’m all for dance trends, even if I can’t do it myself. But people have driven this one into the ground. maybe because of how easy it is? I just know then when your parents start talking about it, it’s time to pack it up.

Fake News

I hate every time I scroll across Facebook, there’s someone spreading some fake news. I don’t know about you, but I hate misinformation. Especially when you can tell the person only read the headline. Then got into their feelings and decided to share it without any further reading.

Follow/Unfollow Method

I know this is very common on Instagram and it’s annoying to all. It tells me that you’re just looking to increase your social media numbers and nothing more. As someone who’s looking to engage with others, it’s a bit insulting.

Bad Lacefront Wigs

So you know how all these beauty gurus be slaying the wig game right? I’m a bit lover of wigs myself. They make good protective styles. But I hate to see when folks be getting lacefronts and doing it badly. Like not cutting the lace, not trying to blend the look. Having the wig too far back, etc.

Over Highlighting

I don’t mind highlighting, I do it myself. But some people just overdo it. And end up looking like clowns. Alternatively, I’ve seen some of us darker skin girls do too light of a highlight. And end up looking like ghosts. Moderation is key guys. Start with baby steps until you the get the hang of it.

So these are some of the 2016 trends that I’d prefer to go away in 2017. Better yet, why don’t you share some of the 2016 trends that you’re tired of seeing? Just let it all out, I’d love to read it in the comments below.

5 replies on “2016 Trends That I Wish Would Disappear in 2017”

YES. The follow/unfollow needs to end ASAP (though I’m sure it never will!) It’s more annoying than anything. And oh my goodness, that picture of Kylie Jenner is HILARIOUS, such a huge difference. People need to embrace who they are & let their own natural beauty shine more.
Lovely post, Hope you have a wonderful 2017!

Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

It frustrates me so much oh my word. To think I’m so close to a personal goal and then to have so many people unfollow me.

Yes Kylie is so ridiculous with it. Im a big lover of makeup but like seeing things like that picture? Makes me shake my head.

Bad lace front hurts my heart cause I feel like those people’s friends are being legit with them. How you gonna let your friend go out looking not at their best. Y’know?

Look I want the follow unfollow method to crash and burn honestly.

Yes! Like I’d never let my friends go out looking crazy so that goes to show some people just don’t care! And we are definitely on the same page with that. Every time I hit a goal someone or some 10 people have to unfollow

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