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10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You’ll Love

Today I wanted to do a post on a topic that I enjoy and hope you will too! It’s a part of Christmas that you either really love or just dread. And that’s those ugly Christmas sweaters. I honestly never knew that these were a thing until two years ago. Seeing that I live in perpetual summer and all. I figured why not show you guys some of the ugliest sweaters that I’ve found this season. These sweaters will either have you on the ground in laughter or gringing. If you’re curious about my pick, read more below!

10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Elf – Perfect for the little ones in your life. Now they can get in the holiday cheer as well
Grinch Inspired – Why not show your more grinchy side which this sweater?
Women’s Beer Pong – For all you ladies that need a little extra to get through this holiday
I Am A Christmas Tree – For all of you that always wanted to be the tree

Dabbin Through The Snow – What’s an ugly Christmas sweater with out the meme of the year
Sweet Shoppe – Now you can be extra sweet this Christmas with this pink number
Grouchy – A fine companion to the Grinch, isn’t it?
Lights Up – “I Am A Christmas Tree”-lite version

Ho Ho No – For all the Christmas grumps around. Grumpy Cat makes it even better
Wine Holder – For those who want to be a bit more subtle with their drinking

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