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Juvia’s Place Nubian Palette Review

Hello my lovelies. Earlier this month, I stated that I wanted to do at least one review as a goal. So I decided to give it a try, and bought something I’ve wanted for a long time. The highly acclaimed Nubian Palette Juvia’s Place.

This was a palette that was buzzing among many of my online friends. As well as a number of makeup gurus on Youtube. But what made me fall in love and believe in this palette was during my graduation. When I graduated from university, I hired a makeup artist to beat my face. And for my eyeshadow, she used the Nubian palette on my lids. I was super amazed by how pigmented it was on my skin. Usually I primed my lids a lot, just to get an inch of that pigmentation with other eyeshadows. I knew I had to have it and I was lucky enough to buy it at The Barbados Natural Hair Show from Beauty Beyond Looks, I local business that carries various makeup brands.

Nubian Palette Review


Juvia's Place Nubian Palette Review Packaging Juvia's Place Nubian Palette Review Packaging

The packaging is gorgeous. I absolutely love the art on the box and the palette case. The custom art of the queen Nefertiti pops among the green background. The back of the box explains the inspiration behind the brand and the palette. It’s everything Egypt, with the colors based on Golds, Coppers, Browns and Nudes as seen in their empire.

The Palette

Juvia's Place Nubian Palette Review

The eyeshadow palette consists of 12 shades. There are 4 matte palettes and the rest are shimmery. The shades just stand out against my skin which I was so grateful for. I’ll be real, I’m on the darker skin spectrum so find browns that will actually show up on my skin is difficult. But with Nubian palette, I swatched all 12 shades and they all popped against my skin. So all my darker skinned friends out there, this palette IS FOR YOU! I only wished that the eyeshadows were named. It would definitely make it so easy to reference.


Juvia's Place Nubian Palette Review - Swatches

Row 1

The first shade on this is so much love. So firstly, I avoided the first row of this palette. Mostly because whites tend to look chalky on me. But after I dipped my fingers into the first shade, I changed my mind. It’s a bright white gold shade with a pink chrome undertone. You guys, I was not expecting it and was honestly amazed.

Row 2

I’m a gold lover and you’ll love this row if you’re one too. Especially shades three and four, they are honesty so shimmery and I did not even need to use a primer to get these two shades to pop against my skin tone.

Row 3

The last row of this palette contains the darkest browns in the palette. The last two shadows are great for those looking to create a more natural smokey eye. They can also double as a base color. Similarly, the same can be done with the first two shades if you’re going for a lighter look. I just love that these shades were made to compliment a variety of undertones.

You should buy this if…

In conclusion, If I had to rate this palette, I’d give it a 5/5. You can get the palette from Juvia’s Place website for as low as $28.99, with a sale price of $19.99. You should get this palette if:

  • You’re looking for very pigmented shades
  • Love supporting indie makeup companies
  • Cruelty-free makeup (not tested on animals)
    Love cute packaging that stands out
  • You’re looking for an inexpensive palette

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Most definitely. I was impressed that it could fit in my smallest formal handbag.

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