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Decorating for Barbados’ 50th Independence Anniversary

This year Barbados is celebrating its 50th year of Independence. As a result many local businesses are decking out their businesses. It’s common in this month to see stores or banks sporting to the country’s colors. Along with the blue, yellow and black, we are also greeted with images of the broken trident and the 50th anniversary logo. Most definitely, those young and old are coming out to show pride in their nation like never before.

Barbados 50th Year of Independence | Naomi 'N Doll

The Independence Proposal

To coincide with this month, my boyfriend’s family asked me to decorate the father’s office. This surprised me as I was mostly used to decorating only during Christmas. But I never back down from a challenge and accepted the request to do the job. On the Tuesday, I went to the office to take pictures. I would mostly decorating the main room of the audiologist’s office, the waiting room. Therefore all my pictures are centered on that area. I was not working with too large of a space, therefore I did not have to worry about buying large decorations. In Barbados, some businesses have incorporated a large Independence themed Christmas tree. This makes sense as the two holidays are close to each other.

On the Wednesday I went shopping for supplies. I bought a variety of items, from the usual flags and ribbons, to the popular Independence fabric from Abeds. Then on Saturday, with the office closed, I went to work. I tried to stick on items best I could with these special stick pads from Uhu. I didn’t want to risk nailing anything and if you’re like me, you hate seeing nails jut out from random places.

My Take

I tried my best to work with the space and my small variety of material. However I tried to use every space that I possibly could and to the best of my ability. In total I spent about $95 BBD on materials. And three hours to decorate the office. I’m proud of myself to say the least. I hope that they will enjoy it and that I will able to decorate more spaces for people, in the future.

Tell me what you thought of my work and how I can approve, down below.

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