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8 Gothic Makeup Brands Perfect for Halloween

Since it’s October, I want to do something special, and focus on the gothic and spooky side of life. So why not combine two of my favourite things, makeup and Halloween. Before, it was very difficult for those in the Goth subculture to find makeup, among other things, catered towards them. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to find gothic makeup brands. Many of these brands on this list are indie, vegan and cruelty-free. Each one is unique in their own way, so make sure to check them out.

8 Gothic Makeup Brands Perfect for Halloween via Naomi 'N Doll

I have personally tried only one of these gothic makeup brands myself, so I cannot vouch for the quality of the products myself. So I do recommend that you check out reviews on other blogs and YouTube channels in order to get a more complete view of each brand on this list. These products were chosen based on their dark or alternative themes, as well as how well known or used they are in the alternative and goth community. All brands are listed in alphabetically order.

Gothic Makeup Brands

Black Moon Cosmetics (Web)

One of the newer brands on this list, it was launched on September 2015 (to coincide with the Harvest Moon). Black Moon Cosmetics offers a small array of lip colours in the form of liquid to matte lipsticks. They state that their lipsticks do not crack or crumble, can stay on for 5+ hours and is kiss-proof. On top of that, they are all vanilla scented. This is definitely a brand to check out with colours like Sanguis (a blue-based blood red), Selene (a deep plum with a pearlescent sheen) and grim (a deathly cool brown that goes with almost every skin tone). They also limit the purchases of their lipsticks to 2 per customer per item.

Their current lipsticks come in a white box, with a cute silhouette illustrations done by Alexandra Fische. With the actual lipsticks having a gradient effect of black to the product’s colour. The lip brush’s handle feature the brand’s initials with its signature moon, a different approach to usually having it on the bottle. And best of all, they ship internationally!

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs (Web)

So this is the brand that I’ve wanted to try the most. If you go on their website, it just screams Goth and horror, and their makeup lives up to it. LunatiCK states that they’re an inclusive brand that does not discriminate based on race, sexuality or beauty background. The brand welcomes people from all walks of life, and with all experience in makeup. They offer a variety of makeup for the face, eyes, lips and even custom makeup. The custom makeup section allows you to create a palette of your favourite LunatiCK eyeshadow colours; making it unique to you. Now their packing is especially ghoulish: their eyeshadow palettes are shaped like coffins with the design on the package being close to that of an Ouija Board; their lipsticks are shaped like bullets and their pressed powder are made to look like an Ouija’s planchettes.

All of their products have a tastefully morbid aesthetic that sets them apart from the rest. They recently released their Elvira collection, just in time for the spookiest time of the year. They do ship internationally except to Brazil, Italy and Nigeria, unfortunately.

Makeup Monsters Cosmetics (Web)

Another recent brand, Makeup Monsters was founded by Samantha Ruth in January 2015. The brand carries the belief of doing whatever to your heart’s desire and “Be your own beautiful monster”. This brand carries an array of lipsticks (with options in classic, neutral, bold and duo chrome/metallic shades) and ultra-matte colourstix; with highlighters coming soon. What makes this brand unique is their use of creepy cute. The lipsticks come in a bottle has dripping green effect, and the brand’s name. The handle of the lipstick is also green but with a cute moons and stars in white. The box that it comes in as well features art of fashionable monster girls. Along with your package you get one creepy cute sticker and a thank you card.

They also have a limit on their products, of a 2 per colour / per customer / per month. And yes guys, they also ship overseas.

Medusa’s Make-Up (Web )

Medusa’s Make-Up has a wide variety of makeup like no other. This brand as of 2016 has focused on becoming a vegan makeup brand. Their items can be found in a variety of boutiques and salons. You can find makeup for your eyes, lips and face on their website. Along with brushes, released eyelashes and the options of bundles. Some of the makeup you can buy includes: neon makeup, gel liner, pigmented shadows, lip stains and lipsticks. This brand also offers a monthly subscription box which contains their own products. And from the looks of it, you’re getting a lot of products for a very low price.

If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get updates on any sales they may have. Also a big bonus for those of you outside of the States, they offer free shipping worldwide on orders over $40.

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Necromancy Cosmetica (Web)

Perhaps, the first on the list not located in one of the fifty states of America, it is a two person show and is made of love. Their non-liquid lipsticks are not only outside of the ordinary, but handcrafted as well. Some of the unusual colours include Naked Witch (palest greige nude), It’s Wednesday (gunmetal black) and Deadly Nightshade (light grey with soft blue undertones). Their packaging is simple as the brand name and a long bone under it, is printed the lipsticks’ cover. The box is of a similar style with the illustration of a girl in a coffin is on one side and the logo on the under. This brand also ships internationally.

Notoriously Morbid Cosmetics (Web)

Notoriously Morbid features an array of highly pigmented makeup that just pulls you in and releases your inner Goth. They offer highlighters, eyeshadows and lipsticks; most of which carry creepy names based on horror movies, books, etc. Some interesting names you’re bound to see is Diablo Lip Rogue, A Murder of Crows and Bloody Awful Poet. Like Medusa’s Make-up, Notoriously Morbid offers a subscription service. Known as their Vanishing Cabinet, they offer a variety of their products to fans at a discounted price. They ship internationally.

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics (Web)

Not much can be found out about this brand on their website, but this despite this, they carry a very dedicated fan base. With many big names in the Goth community consigning this brand. You can also find many reviews on sites and YouTube when it comes to this brand. Despite the very simple website, this brand’s lipsticks all have names that will make you do a double take. Some names includes Purple Poison, Graveyard and Tombstone. You are very likely to get shades that you can’t find at your local MAC or drug store, in this brand. They ship internationally.

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Sugarpill Cosmetics (Web )

Last but not least, Sugarpill, which I’ve actually tried and they are beyond wonderful. They have a variety of gorgeously pigmented eyeshadows and even nail polish. This brand may seem like an anomaly among the other darker brands on the list, what with their bright, pop packaging. But Sugarpill is beloved by many a Goth makeup lovers. They also do not shy away from the creepy side, as they carried a limited edition Edward Scissorhands palette. The brand officially launched back in 2010 to a positive response and has grown ever since. Sugarpill offers a pigmented makeup in the form of lip colours, pressed and loose eyeshadows, eyelashes and more. Their look is perfect if you’re hoping to transform your face for the Halloween season. They ship everywhere in the world except Italy, Mexico, Kuwait, and Nigeria.

gothic make up halloween october

This is by no means the end all, be all of the makeup brands. This is just a few to get you started and I’m sure that we’re bound to see more of these kind of brands popping up in the future. If there’s any brands that peeked your interest, why not share it in the comments down below.

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