How to Kick Butt and Become a Morning Person

We have all met that individual that states, “I’m not a morning person”. Heck, we may be that person ourselves. Where mornings are the bane of existence; and there’s nothing that you wish to be greeted with less than the chirping of birds and sunlight soaking into your room. Yet worst of them all, is the blaring alarm clock, signalling the start of a new day. However, this can all be changed around, and you can not only become a morning person, but even a morning lover.

How to Become a Morning Person

How To Kick Butt & Become A Morning Person via Naomi 'N Doll - Blog Post on how to change from a night owl to a morning lover

Plan the Ahead and Write a Morning Routine

In order to shorten your morning hassle, it’s best to minimise the number of things that need to be done. So it’s best to do what you can the night before, such as packing your bag or picking out your clothes. You’d be surprised with how much time is wasted when you’re standing in front of the closet, deciding the best outfit to wear for the day.

There’s almost nothing worst in starting something new than by going into it blind. If you want to be successful at becoming a morning person, then I highly recommend starting with a routine in mind. So take out your journal and just jot down all the things that needs to be done. This will save you time in the morning as you would have already conceptualize your tasks, from the night before. This aids in mornings running smoother and you can easily account for any problems that may arise.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise

You know that saying, “early to bed, early to rise”? Well it’s not just a saying that your parents recite to you just because they can. You cannot expect to wake up refreshed every morning, after having stayed up all night. In fact, the recommended amount of time spent sleeping for adults is 7 – 9 hours. Your body goes through cycles of light and REM sleep, when you’ve gone to sleep. These recommended hours of sleep are made just to accommodate those cycles and assure that you’ll be well-rested and able to rise anew in the morning.

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Say No to Devices

Before going to bed, you normally check your phone to catch the last video your friend posted on Facebook. Or maybe to reply to that last minute email that your boss just sent you. However this activity can extend longer and longer, resulting in you falling asleep 4 hours later than you expected. I am definitely guilty of being that person who says they’re going to bed but ends watching television for 3 more hours. But it’s not only at night that these devices can become a distraction, your morning routine is at risk as well!

These devices can disrupt your sleep pattern and morning routine by:

  • negatively effecting your mood and rest if you’ve received some bad news
  • extending your time spent up by distracting you from sleeping
  • distracting you from completing your tasks for the morning and thus making you rush
  • sour your mood with some bad news and thus dictate the rest of your day

So it’s best to turn off your device at least half an hour before bed, and not to touch them immediately after waking up.

Start With Water

We all know the benefits of water, and it is part of our daily life. But did you know that by drinking water in the morning, you’re rehydrating your body after going 8 hours without it? So water can help with getting rid of that sluggish or groggy feeling you have when you wake up. And don’t think to substitute water with coffee as that will just dehydrate you even further. Instead how about some fruit infused water?

Doctors even recommend starting breakfast 45 minutes after drinking water and that by routinely doing such, your overall health will improve.

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How about giving yourself a couple minutes in the morning where you sit and take everything in. Relaxation helps with setting the tone for the day; since if you’re frantic, the rest of your day is not likely to go as smoothly. What I like to do is recite my affirmations as they not only calm me, but also give me a more positive start. Your relaxation moment can be after you’ve woken up and stretched or while you’re having breakfast. All I recommend is just not doing it in bed or you may find yourself drifting back into dreamland because you’re too relaxed.

Morning Playlist

Instead of starting your mornings with a blaring alarm that seems more like a death sentence than a device to wake you up, how about switching it up? I’ve personally changed my alarm to one of my favourite pop songs. This means that I usually have something to look forward to when I wake up. You can extend that to having a morning playlist that gets you pumped for the day ahead. Rather than your mornings being mundane and boring, they can now by optimistic, inspiring and can work to uplift your mood. Just remember to always switch up the songs every couple of days so it stays fresh.

morning person relaxing in bed

These may be a bit much to start doing all at once. So it’s best to implement each phase one at a time in order to get the hang of it all. After a week of doing all of these phases together, it’ll become easier for you to greet the morning. Thus not only becoming a morning person, but even a morning lover. Why don’t you comment below and let me know some of your tips and tricks to becoming a morning person? Or maybe share a part of your morning routine? I’d love to read it, honestly.

14 replies on “How to Kick Butt and Become a Morning Person”

I love reading articles about morning routines, so I definitely enjoyed your post! I have been experimenting with my morning routine for about two months now and I’d still like to make a few changes, but I was definitely inspired by your suggestion to have a playlist for the morning! I think that could really help me feel a bit more relaxed in the mornings. I also agree about the calming effect of reciting affirmations. This is something I have to do every morning to build confidence and peace 🙂 Once again, I loved your article and thank you for sharing your tips!

These are all awesome tips, thank you so much for sharing. I’ve found that getting to bed early and planning my day beforehand are the biggest factors in a productive morning, but I will definitely try changing my alarm! I haven’t thought of that! And the phone is a big one for me — I don’t know how many times I’ve fallen asleep browsing Instagram.

Emma |

I am in need of establishing a steady morning routine. This list is great and a wonderful way to get started. I like that you addressed no devices. I find myself lying awake and the first thing I do is, reach for my phone to pass time. Thats a habit I must break.

Yes!! I love this so much. I definitely needed it – can find myself falling asleep after my alarm goes off.

I have struggled being a morning person kids have to get up and out the door in the am for school and I find that after they go to school I am so tired I want to nap. I have so much to do not sure where to stat I’m going to use your tip about making a list of my routine for the day and get going on it.

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