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Pretty Legit: A Rosewholesale Wig Review

In my last post: cosplay wig resources masterpost, I introduced you all to the website, Rosewholesale. I ordered from the site for the first time just last month. And I just couldn’t wait to share my rosewholesale wig review with you all.

I ordered to wigs from Rosewholesale on the early morning on June 15th, 2016. I purchased two wigs from their site. The Charming Capless Extra Long Shaggy Wavy Inclined Bang Trendy Synthetic Anime Cosplay Wig in SKY BLUE and the Fashion 70CM Multi-Layered Fluffy Long Wavy Side Bang Multicolor Optional Cosplay Wig in RED. The wigs were shipped out about four hours later.

Rosewholesale Wig Review


rosewholesale wig review red stock image rosewholesale wig review sky blue stock image

Honestly the pricing was almost a steal, this was the first time that I have purchased wigs for such a low-cost, not counting from Taobao. The Wavy Sky Blue wig costs $6.58 and the Wavy Red wig costs $12.23. Both of which are obviously below market prices for cosplay wigs.

On top of that I paid $1.35 in insurance, as I was just not about losing any wigs; $10 for shipping and handling and then $2 for a tracking number. Which brought the overall total of just two wigs to the low-cost of $30.94. Seeing as the average cosplay wigs from some American stores range the same as the final price, I was saving a lot.

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two rosewholesale wigs in packaging, red wig, sky blue wig rosewholesale wig review package

The wigs shipped out a couple of hours after my order was initially made which caught me by surprise. That’s the fastest anything has ever shipped out to me. I was given my tracking number and tracking website. The items shipped from the Netherlands even though the business itself is from China. I was able to track the item with no worries at all, and I received the wigs on July 11th, 2016. While the item itself reached Barbados on July 7th, 2016. So it took a little under a month to arrive.

The two wigs were packed in their individual clear plastic bags, each contained in nets and white card. Then put in a shipping bag. The bag itself did not sustain any damage and the wigs were in good condition when I removed them from the packaging.


The Wigs

Sky Blue Wig

rosewholesale sky blue wig rosewholesale wig review, sky blue wig close up

This wig was a lot thicker than I expected. And rather than wavy, I would describe the wig as being very curly. The curls themselves were thick and somewhat coiled together. However if brushed out, it would resemble the picture on the item’s page.

rosewholesale wig review, sky blue wig rosewholesale sky blue wig review, naomi 'n doll, naomindoll

The wig has very little shedding which I love, and on top of that, no tangling. I even brushed it a bit and not hair came out. It’s definitely a wig that I would recommend to others.


Red Wig

rosewholesale wig review, red wig

Now this wig on the other hand was on the more disappointing side. It is so thin, and I’m a lover of thick hair. This hair I would actually describe as wavy but very loose waves. However, I’m still stuck on the thinness of the wig. However it’s not that thin, that the tracks shows, which has happened to be before in a previous wig that I once owned. Other than that, the wig does look like its pictured counterpart. So I can’t complain about picture accuracy.

rosewholesale wig review, red wig review rosewholesale wig review, red wig, naomindoll, naomi 'n doll

The wig also was not one to shed, I’m super grateful for that. The worst combination to have is a wig that sheds and is thin. By the end of it, you’ll have no wig left!


One thing that left me a bit disappointed was that I did not receive any complimentary wig caps like most other wig brands do. So I had to test them out without such.

Overall, if I had to rank my experience with, it’d definitely be:


What brought it down was the quality that I was met with as it concerns the red wig. On the business side of things, they definitely exceeded my own expectations. And I definitely intend on buying from them again the next time that I need not only cosplay wigs, but fashion wigs as well.

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So how did you like my Rosewholesale wig review? If you liked it or made you consider buying from the site, then please leave a comment below. Or share with you friends!

7 replies on “Pretty Legit: A Rosewholesale Wig Review”

Yay more cosplayers 😀 I’m really glad you liked the post. I’m slowly growing my wig collection, myself.

I’ve always wanted a wig! I love the wigs from Gothic Lolita Wigs but they are so pricey! The sky blue looks nice!

I definitely recommend this as a cheaper alternative. It especially works for me since I ended up only spending $61 in my local currency for just two wigs. A total steal.

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