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Cosplay Resources: Cosplay Wig Stores

So you’ve gotten into the wonderful hobby that is cosplay. You have chosen the character that you want to dress up as. The costume isn’t too hard to tackle, but where on earth are you going to find that bright pink hair to wear. Have absolutely no fear, as I’ve come with a compiled list of some of the cosplay wig stores online.

As someone who lives in the Caribbean, it can be difficult to find reasonably priced wigs for your cosplay. You know what with the exchange rate and all. There’s a belief that the cheaper something is, the lower the quality of side item. Personally I find this to be true in many cases, but there’s always exceptions to the rule.

So if you want to check out the list, click the jump below!

Cosplay Wig Stores

Charissa Kids / C. C. Kids Store | Taobao Store

charissa kids dangan ronpa wigs

This is one of the wig stores that I have personally bought from. I love this store due to their low prices and their character wigs. So if you’re looking to cosplay Junko from Dangan Ronpa, or anyone from Touken Ranbu, then this is the store just for you! For the prices you’re paying with this store, you’re not paying for bad wigs, but prepare yourself for shedding galore. They also offer normal and expedited shipping, the latter coming at an added cost.

Reviews: omu* on cosplay amino, vickybunnyangel cosplay



laurawu-123 cosplay wig stores selection

Another ebay cosplay store from China. If you’re looking for some Lolita wigs or some base wigs for your cosplay this is a store that you’ll want to look at. Most of the reviews for this site are on the positive end.

Reviews: Nansensunashi, chyo-jyohin


Arda Wigs

arda wigs cosplay

Another wig store from the country of America. This is one of the more popular, if not the most popular, wig store in the community. They offer a variety of base wigs that you can transform into your perfect anime or video game character. Though if you’re on the ‘do it from scratch’ crowd, they offer extensions and wefts if you’d prefer to build your wig from the bottom up! While a bit pricier than their Chinese competitors, they not only offer a wide selection, tips on styling, but as well as a clearance section. So if you want to get some high quality wigs on a steal, you can just head over to that section.

Reviews: Tasha Leigh on cosplay amino, The Grown-Up Geek, Ichigokitty’s Reviews, Cowbutt Cruchies Cosplay

rosewholesale cosplay wig

I’ve bought two wigs from this store. The wigs from this website is on the cheaper side and you can get a variety wigs, from fashion wigs to character wigs and base cosplay wigs. I’m waiting for when the wigs come in to give my review on it. But so far I can definitely say, the wigs shipped out hours after placing my order. The reviews from this site however is a tossup, and I’m not just referring to the wigs.

Reviews: Intensify Queen, StyleChicFrancesca


Epic Cosplay

epic cosplay wigs

This is another popular cosplay wig store. Like Arda, they do offer base wigs, specialty wigs and wefts. Their wig prices are like that of Arda as well, though the styles of the wigs are definitely different. Aside from that, Epic offers some of their items on sale year round as well as big sales at certain points in the year.

Review: VampireKitten, Sketching Miku



cosplaybuzz wigs

Another wig store that is really good for character wigs. Better yet, the prices are probably one of the lowest on the list. On the other hand, if you want fashion wigs, this is a go-to store to use.

Review: Zncosplay, Latte_Neko


Wig-supplier / L-email wig

l-email wig

Like CosplayBuzz, you can find really good quality character wigs for a good price. They as well don’t just have cosplay wigs but fashion wigs, everyday wigs and accessories to match.

Reviews: Kirilee Cosplay, Pastelpepsi, Usagisparkles

So what do you guys think? Are there any dedicated cosplay wig stores that I missed out on? Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments down below!

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