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Summer Nail Art Inspiration 2016

Summer is right around the corner, and you have no idea what to do with your nails. Well, have no fear as this is the post for you! In this post, I have collected some cute summer nail art ideas that you can try out. Whether it be at home or at your local nail salon, they’re doable for just about any skill level.

I usually get my nail ideas from Japanese sources, if there’s one thing that Japanese women are known for, it’s their impressive nails. So I thought why not turning to a country that’s cutting edge in fashion to get not only cute, but flashy nail inspiration from.

Summer Nail Art

The census is in and the powers that be are saying that gemstones are the trend for nails this summer. So for the year’s warmest season, expect to see women on the streets of Tokyo sporting some bling on their hands. And I’m not talking about rings. A lot of women are also looking towards stones that match their gemstone or have healing powers. So if you’re all about that positive energy, then is a trend to get into.

Mermaid Aesthetic

Have you ever wanted to become one with the sea? Ever dreamt of becoming a mermaid? To complete the mermaid look, here are some nails to match.

summer nail mermaid underwater

As part of their summer nail collection, the Japanese nail salon Pink Magic shows off one of their more simple designs. What I love about this is the sea gradient from blue to teal, matched with the white to give the rippling water effect. The middle nail is adorned with a gem and golden shell combo that is too cute. This design perfectly captures the essence of summer and beach life, while giving me mermaid vibes. This nail art according to the salon uses gel and is perfect for parties and the girly girl at heart. (source)

summer nail mermaid seahorse

This is another nail that gives me mermaid vibes. Yes, yet again with the blue, but I love the added gold detailing, such as the seahorse. It also ties in with the current trend of gemstones with sapphire. According to the salon, cutie puti, this is ideal for a girl whose the life of the party but wants to be casual at the same time. (source)

Pop Ya Color

Thinking of summer, what colours come to mind? Pink, orange, yellow; lots of warm and vibrant colors? So why not get nails that just scream, “pop of colour”.


If you want vibrant nails, then es nail is the salon for you. This set features an array of colours that are almost synonymous with summer. They went with bright neon that are bound to standout, along with geometric patterns, to give that pop-ish vibe. This salon also gives you the option to also get your toenails done in a similar style to match your hands. This is one of the simpler designs on this post, so it’s easily achievable from the comfort of your bedroom. (source)

summer nail tie-dye pop

Have you ever thought that tie-dye could never be fashionable? Well Nail Salon Marvelous wants you to think again with this bright number. This set was able to use the almost dreaded tie-dye look give a cute and playful look. Matched with it is the seasonal trend in a light blue and burnt orange to complete the look. Is this the style that you can see yourself wearing? (source)

Paisley Patterns

Another mini trend that I have seen is the use of the paisley pattern (bandana nails) on nails. Particularly summer nails. Different from the overdone ‘tribal’ pattern that has taken over in the past few years. One could try switching it up with a pattern that’s commonly seen on bandanas today. Below are the various ways that I’ve seen different salons mix and match the pattern in their overall summer aesthetic.

Cool Marble with Warm Paisley (Nail Salon Sou)

summer nail red paisley marble

French Tips with Blue Paisley (Cherie la mer)

summer nail blue paisley french tips

Pink versus Blue Paisley (LR Nail Salon Umeda Shop)

summer nail pink blue paisley

Elegant Coral Paisley (GranCieux x QUATRO Chiba Shop)

summer nail coral paisley

Night Theme

Another favourite summer activity for many is the watching of the stars and the night sky while camping. So why not include some nails that inspire a similar feeling.

summer nail galaxy night gradient

Galaxy Gradient by color’s blue, is a design that I absolutely love. While incorporating the season’s trend, what stands out is the use of gradient to achieve the night-time look. There’s two versions of the design for each hand. On one you have a deep navy that transitions into a purple, while on the other hand, it transitions into a light blue. To give the feeling of the galaxy, stars are added as well. (source)

Palm Trees

Another common motif of summer nail art, palm trees. Whether you’re down at the beach or relaxing at a resort, this tropical tree is bound to be near. So it’s not far fetch to see various nail designs incorporate the tree into their look.

summer nail cool palm trees blue

Nail Salon Jenelle and Louise has the look down pact with their, ‘refreshing summer nail’ look. Which combines the cool blue and whites, with stark black palm trees. (source)

summer nail warm palm trees pink yellow

Es nail takes the palm trees in another direction, using warmer colors like pink and yellow. Thus resulting in a sunset inspired nail. And not the usual horizontal gradient, they went for a vertical one. (source)

So What do you all think? Have any of these nails inspired you? Are there any styles that you’ve found that are perfect for the summer? You can leave all your thoughts and opinions about summer nail art below. Expect to see nail art posts for both autumn and winter nails.

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