Becoming A New Me

As some of you may know, but I’m sure some are still in the dark, I have a new blog. A new blog and a new domain wich actually leads into something bigger. A new me. At the end of 2015, I set myself a list of goals that I wanted to carry out for the year. And I’ll be honest, I haven’t really been able to do any of the yet, and it’s a bit frustrating.  It makes no sense to give up however, and then start the following year. That’s a vicious cycle that I, and many like me fall into. We put off what we can do today, for tomorrow. And tomorrow is always right around the corner for us but it’s never ‘now’. In this post I’m going to talk about not only this new blog but a new me. A new Naomi ‘N Doll and a new Chloe.

A New Me: 2016 Goals

So I wanted to take some time to look back at my goals for the year and actually share them with you guys.

  • Lose weight / tone up / develop an hourglass figure – So as many people can see, I’m not a big girl by any stretch of the imagination. But I can’t say at the same time that I’m completely satisfied with the state of my body. I do need to lose weight and tone up. My honest goal would be to get an hourglass shape going on. In terms of my progress, I did start gym training but had to stop for personal reasons. I’m now trying to cut down on the amount of junk food that I’m consuming. Even if I’m not able to lose the weight, I do want to become healthier.
  • Change up my hair game – So this one ties in with my self-image. I always felt that I played it safe hair wise. Yeah I’m natural and wear wigs and weaves, but it was usually on the boring end of the spectrum. Obviously this is not counting my cosplay wigs, which are not for every day wear. And I bit the bullet and made my wig that’s a nice ombre to magenta and I can’t wait to show you guys how it looks! This now my new everyday wig and look.
  • Step up my make-up and fashion game – Another big thing for me that has fallen short on the latter part. I just haven’t had the time to focus on this since I was swamped with school work. I know, I know it’s no excuse. But I do want to tackle it more practically.
  • Put more effort into social media and blogging – Now don’t be mad but I’ve really fallen behind on these save for Instagram. Anyone who follows me on instagram knows that I almost live on that app. I have taken some online courses and have tried to grow my following and so far it is definitely working. My Instagram was in the 200 range at the end of December. It has not expand to a little over 700 followers. If that isn’t just amazing, especially from lil old me, then I don’t what is. I really want to get my blog to grow too,which I’m going to talk about soon.

A New Me: Changing My Outlook

Earlier today I talked to my mom. In many ways she is my best friend and I love that we can bounce ideas off each other. In our conversation she taught me something so important. It was that I should forgive, as it’s the only way to move forward. Many people might think it’s a given, but it’s something that just as many people struggle with. If I expect to grow and change as a person, I should forgive those in my life who I felt that I’ve wronged. I should also apologise for anything that I’ve done that may have hurt them.

Now it’s a bit more personal this time around. But I want myself and my endeavors to grow and become something beautiful and unique. And I think what has held me back, hindering my dreams is myself. Myself and my refusal to forgive and move on. So I’m really going to push to change my outlook on life to a more positive one. Yes I will see set backs but those are all a part of life.

A New Me: From Blogger to WordPress

Some of you might be wondering why I decided to move over. Basically I wanted to be taken more serious as a blogger. No more hosting on a sub domain like ‘’ or ‘’, I wanted to be my own person. And that’s exactly what I’m doing now with this site. In Barbados, blogging isn’t see as profession or a practical activity to do that can give major returns in the future. So it might be a bit ambitious on my part, but I want to be the representative blogger of Barbados. I want that I can help people in this country look at blogging in a different light. It could be so rewarding to just get your thoughts out there. You get to meet and interact with so many new and interesting people. And I want others to come to know the joys of one of my favorite activities.

Another reason for me moving to WordPress is that it’s just… easier than Blogger. The plugins that are available can help me grow in terms SEO and productivity. A post that would take me a week to do on Blogger now takes me two hours to do on WordPress. I feel like I’m not as constrained and thus my creative juices are able to flow much more freely.

A New Me: Conclusion

I’m hoping that in writing this that I stirred something in you. Be it through my talk of goals, my change in outlook or even about my moving from Blogger to WordPress. If this spoke to you in one way or the other, then don’t hesitate to comment below or hit me up on one of my social media sites. I’d love to hear more from those of you who my read, and I do appreciate the time you take to even do so. I hope to hear from all you dolls soon enough.

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