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How I Got Into Crocheting And You Can Too!

Back again with another post, and I’m going to be talking about how I got into crocheting.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram (and if you’re not already, then you definitely should), would know that I’ve recently been posting a lot of crochet related photos on there. This may come as a shock to some since it’s not a skill that I often talk about. This post isn’t just about how I got into it, but may also help you, if you’re curious about getting into crocheting as well.

How I Started Crocheting

crochet, crocheting, amigurumi, clothes, fashion

In Barbados, there’s not high school or middle school. Instead there’s secondary school (11 – 16/18 years old) and primary school (4 – 11 years old). When you reach the last year of primary school, you’re usually asked to sit a national standardized test called the Common Entrance Examination. Which also acts a placement test into a secondary school. The exam is usually held in early May and then you usually get back your placement and test score results around June. So after sitting the exam, you basically become really idle in school, like we would just play with toys we brought to school, all day long. So to have us being productive (and without having to actually do school work with us), our teacher asked us if we have any skills. Could we make things? What did we make and what was our method? She told us that if we have a skill like knitting, embroidery, etcetera, we could bring our tools to school and just entertain ourselves with that. Now a lot of my friends could sew or crochet, and being the 11 year old child I was, I wanted to be able to do something too!

I went home that evening and the first person I attached myself to was my mom. I demanded that she teach me a skill so that I could show off to the kids in my class. My mother and grandmother are both very talented women. They basically are shining examples of self-sufficient and DIY-ers. My mom learned a lot of what she knows to do from classes or my grandmother. My grandmother is similar. In terms of handicraft, my mom can sew, knit and crochet among others. My mother scavenged through the various drawers in the house until she found a small gold crochet needle. She took one of the old doilies that we no longer used and unravelled it. From there she showed me all the crocheting basics and it was honestly the easiest thing that I’ve ever had to pick up and learn. The next time I was a school, I fancied myself a small time pro, only able to make doilies, bracelets and scarfs from it.

crochet, crocheting, amigurumi, clothes, fashion

First Attempt At Making A Crop Top and Bikini, Work In Progress

After that I more or less dropped crochet, I eventually got into secondary school and my attention turned to homework, boys and after school activities. Every once in a while I would find a needle and some old yard and would go to town in making something. Then I’d get bored once again, obviously a child with a short attention span. But what I love about crochet, at least for me, I never forgot how to do it. Recently I have once again fallen in love with crocheting, and this time I’m more consistent with it. In Barbados, crochet bikinis and tops are actually coming into style with local female entrepreneurs J’aime Crochet and Krishtun. For me, I wanted to try something like that, because honestly as much as I like and enjoy crocheting, I found it to be ‘old lady-ish’, not something that young people are into. I never even thought of all the different things that you could make with yarn and a single hook. It is truly amazing guys.

The difference between my mother and I with crocheting is that she learns how to make things using patterns. For me, I can do it free-hand, especially once I have the person’s measurements in the instance of clothes. So when I want to learn how to make a crop top, I just went onto Youtube and watched a video and in a couple of hours’ time, I had my first crop top. The same with my first bikini top. However, when it comes to making amigurumi (Japanese word for the art of crocheting/knitting small, cute stuffed animals), I must look at a pattern, especially since the style is almost different from what I’m used to and a wrong move can actually ruin the entire piece. But overall I would say crocheting is actually quite easy to pick up.

Getting into Crochet Yourself!

crochet, crocheting, amigurumi, clothes, fashion

In this section, I won’t be going to deep into how you can get into crochet. I’ll be linking to other blogs that specialise in crocheting so as to have a definite outline of what you’ll need know.

If you’re interested in getting into crocheting, it helps to envision what you want to make, or what you hope to make in the future. Then it’s to go down to your local craft store and buy your first hook and some yarn. Now there are different kinds of crochet hooks, hook sizes and yarns, but never fear; once you know what you intend to make, you can easily find the recommended hook and yarn for your task. Below are some sites that I believe are helpful in terms of getting into crocheting.

The Crochet Supplies You Need To Get Started
WikiHow: How To Crochet For Beginners

If you are learning how to crochet from a pattern, you’ll need to know the crochet abbreviations. This is what I struggled with first as I didn’t learn from reading patterns and thus was thrown for a loop when I started seeing all the abbreviations. Crochet Abbreviations –

Here are some other website links that I think would benefit you in your adventure through the world of crochet.

Ravelry (crocheting and knitting pattern database)
About: Free Crochet Patterns and Techniques
Craftsy: Learn Beginner and Advance Crochet Techniques

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