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5 Bajan YouTubers That You Should Check Out!

Hey guys, I’m back again with another blog. Recently, I have gotten into doing lists! Lists for everything, lists of favorite books, to-do lists, etc.Furthermore it has been a concern of mine that people only see certain facets of Barbados; such as the beach and Kadooment Day. I myself, am guilty of doing that, but it is something that I want to change.

I just have to say, I love YouTube, it has become a part of my daily life. I watch videos from the site almost religiously; in the early morning while getting ready for classes, and even late night when I need help to fall asleep. I’m a picky girl, I’m not going to lie and it’s hard to find the right person that just clicks for me. Now It’s true, there are many black YouTubers, but how many are from the Caribbean and how many from Barbados? Barbados is an island in the Caribbean that has given birth to countless interesting and creative individuals, with the most prominent being Rihanna. So why not introduce to my readers some of our home grown talent?

So I went on a hunt for five Bajan YouTubers that you all should check out. I am by no means saying these are the only Bajan YouTubers about, I would love to think they are more actually. If I find more, I’d be more than willing to make a new post in the future that will feature them as well. This list has been compiled in alphabetical order, these ladies are so talented and motivating that I’m sure you’ll find yourself watching their videos for hours on end.

CaribBeauty (aka Zoe Allamby) || YT | IG | FB

CaribBeauty is the first girl on the list. Zoe is a Barbadian model with a degree in Fashion Marketing who currently resides in the United States. While she does showcase Barbadian culture, many of her videos focus mainly on fashion on Beauty. Not only that, if you are natural hair girl like myself, she also has videos on hairstyles, hair care and more! She’s been around for about 5 years guys and it’s amazing to see how much she has grown in terms of hair, video quality and content. You must check her out.


Hairaconda (aka Shantal) || YT | IG

Hairaconda is one of the recent YouTubers that will be featured on this list. Like Zoe, she currently resides in the States. She’s currently a student at the Manhattan School of Music, majoring in Opera. Most of her videos so far feature makeup looks and show & tells. One of the recent video series that she has started greatly interests me. Titled ‘Gems of The Caribbean Sea’, this series features Hairaconda’s makeup looks based on the songs of various Caribbean artists. It will be fun to see how she and her channel will develop. So if you want a girl with a bubbly personality and want to see some regional songs being brought to life in the form of makeup, then check her out!


Krishtun || YT | IG | Tumblr

Having been on YouTube for nearly a year now, Krishtun has put out a variety of videos. She’s one of the first girls on the list to do DIY videos such as her Button Earrings video and crochet bikini videos. Not only that, she has also put out videos for all you videos for all you protect style loving girls and naturalistas out there. Her videos are extremely helpful, thanks to her I’ve recently made my own crochet bikini top and I’m slowly perfecting my two strand twist out. Yet another girl for you all to be on the lookout for.


MsIslandSpice (aka Kori) || YT | IG | FB

I would argue that MsIslandSpice has the oldest channel on this list with videos dating back to 2009. She is another Bajan YouTuber that resides outside the region, though this time in the UK. This young lady’s videos centres around locs, so if you’re considering getting dreadlocks, then I wholeheartedly recommend her channel. Aside from that, her channel also features interesting vlogs, giving you a glimpse into her life.


SimplyChicMakeup (aka Tariin) || YT | IG

SimplyChicMakeup is another Bajan YouTuber that focuses on makeup and is another recent addition to the Bajan YouTube community. Outside of her videos, she works as a makeup artist so expect to see a lot of expect a lot of makeup tutorials, reviews and more from her!


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