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Current Obsession: Love Live!

Have you ever wanted to manage an idol group or are interested in idols? Are you a big fan of groups like Morning Musume, BABYMETAL or AKB48? Then this post is for you! Let’s talk about one of the most addicting and arguably cutest franchise around. I’m talking Love Live! School Idol Project. I got into the anime and game earlier this year, however, I’ve listened to the music since mid 2014. Since I spend a significant amount of time playing the game, I thought why not sharing this amazing franchise with my readers?

Through this post, I hope to introduce everyone to the wonderful world of Love Live! School Idol Festival. Maybe after this post, you’ll become interested in the franchise like I did and we can be Love Live! buddies.

What Is Love Live! School Idol Festival?


Members(L – R): Eli, Honoka, Kotori, Nico, Hanayo, Maki, Umi, Rin, Nozomi

Now you may be wondering, Chloe, what the heck is a Love Live? Why should I care and what’s so great about it? That’s a good question my dear reader, allow me to elaborate.

Love Live! School Idol Festival is also known as LL! SIF or just Love Live! In essence the franchise is in fact a project that was developed in collaboration between three companies. These companies are ASCII Media Works’ Degenki G’s Magazine, the music label Lantis, and the anime studio Sunrise. The franchise as we know it was started back in 2010 when the names of the group’s members the voice actresses line up was announced. Love Live actually spans various mediums as a project. These include CDs, anime, manga, a popular mobile game, and live performances and music videos. There are even radio shows and TV shows that explain the concept of the franchise, usually headed by the voice actresses.

The anime series is about high school student, Kousaka Honoka who just loves her school. When she finds out that due to lack of applicants, the Otonokizaka High School will be shutting down. She vows to find a way to save her beloved school. After discovering the latest trend of school-based idol groups, she comes up with the idea of starting one of her own to spark interest in her school. She soon enlists her childhood friends and classmates, Sonoda Umi and Minami Kotori to join her. Soon after they form the group μ’s (pronounced Muse). And despite initial opposition from the student body president, Ayase Eli, the group goes on to grow in size. First years Koizumi Hanayo, Hoshizora Rin and Nishikino Maki join and soon after so does third year, Yazawa Nico. Eventually Ayase Eli and Toujou Nozomi, both third years and members of the student council, join the group. This results in the group becoming 9 members. And after successfully preventing the school from closing down, they set their sights on the national idol tournament, Love Live!

My Love Live! Journey


I love the costumes that the girls wear. They’re usually made by Kotori!

I actually got into the Love Live fandom earlier this year. However, I actively listened to the group’s music from the spring of 2014. So to an extent, I was aware of Love Live, but I didn’t pay it any attention. Back around March, my friends on Twitter were talking about the game and posting screencaps of the cards they’ve obtained. Curiosity didn’t kill this cat right here as I asked one of my friends about it and they basically told me that it’s a rhythm game for iOS and Android based on the Love Live anime. I won’t lie that my interest was piqued and soon after I downloaded the game and began to play. Shortly after I was swept up in the cute and fun world.

It’s easy to become addicted to the game, collecting those cards, idolizing various girls and getting the high score on the harder levels of the game. Now I wanted more, I wanted to know more about the girls and the story behind the series. So I went in search of the anime. With only 13 episodes per season, with two seasons in total, it was quite easy for me to finish the series in two weekends.

I. Have.No.Regrets.


An example that I got during scouting, a rare Honoka card!

It really is such a cute show, and as an avid anime watcher, it was one of the best idol anime out there. And I honestly recommend it to people who not only like cute anime, but are also fans of idols. The game itself is a fun rhythm game compound with card collection. You take on the role of a student at Otonokizaka and the group’s manager. While there are the designated group, you can also scout girls from other schools as well. Each girl is represented by a card with a set attribute (smile, cool and pure), and you can increase your bond with the girls through the playing of the game’s rhythm section. You can also level up your girls, but my favorite aspect of all is the ability to idolize girls and make them look super cute and idol-like. Furthermore, the game is constantly being updated, with frequent in-game events that usually run for about 10 days at a time. Below I screencapped by friend’s code, so any of you can add me on both the JP and EN version of the game!


My English Account | ID: 477766156 || My Japanese Account | ID: 462463149

If you didn’t know about Love Live! before, I hope that my post will spark some interest and you’ll definitely check it out and give it a try! Until next time, guys~

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I had a School Idol Festival addiction for a few months T_T It's so addicting and a lot of the songs are super catchy XD
The outfits they have are also really cute!

Mia – Rainbow Road

Love Live is so much fun! I haven't played in ages, but it is entertaining, especially if you like the songs in the game. I only wish it didn't take so long for the bar to refill T_T

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