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Japan’s Bikini Dancers: CYBERJAPAN DANCERS

Hey guys, I was kind of stuck on what to write about last week. So this week I wanted to start off with a semi-pop culture post. As such, I decided to focus on the CYBERJAPAN DANCERS. Because I know a lot of girls who are interested in gyaru seem to really like them. But there’s like little to no information about them in english.

What are the CYBERJAPAN DANCERS? cyberjapan dancers
So you may be wonder, hey, what’s this group about? How were they formed. I’ve got all your info right here.

House (music) producer MITOMI TOKOTO formed the group. They were made with the intentions of being a go-go dance team that would perform at events. The name of the group is infact based on the company that manages them, CYBERJAPAN inc. The group activities not only include go-go dancing but pole dancing as well. And they’re an all-round professional group. The members of the group are made up of freeters, fashion magazine models, singers and even office ladies. Despite coming from different jobs, they all love to dance and love to party.
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What have they done?

They have performed in countries such as South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan. Likewise they have appeared on big stages like the EDM festival ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL (ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL MIAMI, ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL KOREA, ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL JAPAN), DJAKARTA WAREHOUSE PROJECT and ZOUKOUT. They’ve also been attached to large party brands like PACHA IBIZA WORLD TOUR, COCOON, MINISTRY OF SOUND, HED KANDI and  DEFECTED.

But the group’s activities are not limited to the club only. They’ve also appeared on TV and model for popular lingerie brand, Ravijour. In the past they’ve worked with big name such as David Guetta (as Gogo Dancers & music video appearance), m-flo, 2NE1, Afrojack, Avicii, Martin Garrix, Steve Angello, Axwell, Steve Aoki, Zedd, Alesso, Tiesto, Skrillex, Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, Carl Cox and Sven Vath.

cyberjapan dancers
Now that I’ve talked about these wonderful girls and their group, some of you may be itching to join. Every once in a while, CYBERJAPAN inc. may put out a request for dancers. The last recruitment time was just this February. The great thing about their group is that the requirements to join aren’t very strict.

  • You must have the looks and the personality that would appeal to those that attend events. As well as being able to party and enjoy oneself.
  • They also require that you be no younger that 18 but no older than 25 at the time of sending in your application.
  • (As of the Feb, 2015 application) You must be single, live in Tokyo or the surrounding area
  • Must be able to participate in club events around Japan and overseas as well.
  • And they would like that girls be at least 156cm tall.

Girls are then able to submit an application, it is believed that they have rolling admissions into the group. The application would as for your name, age, height, contact information, your dance history (and it’s okay to be inexperienced and still apply) and any question you may have. Along with the application you have to submit a face shot and a full body shot.

I found it amazing that they didn’t ask for height, and they took into consideration about the applicant’s dance history. For a job that’s a bit more focused on looks and image, I thought this would be a big criteria.There is no set wage for the dancers and it differs by the event, such as a big event versus a small one. Or who’s hosting the event, where it’s located, etc.


cyberjapan dancers
I wanted to be able to point out all of the girls for you all, along with some of their costumes for events. It wouldn’t really be a fashion post if I didn’t try to highlight some of those aspects I guess!

Watanabe Kanae | Sugamata Natsu | Watanabe Kazue | Deura Hiroko
Mushiga Ai | Kana | Karen | Mika | Airi
Shiho | RiRi | Juri | Yurisa | Raika | Myikaa


7 replies on “Japan’s Bikini Dancers: CYBERJAPAN DANCERS”

thanks for ur post! do you know if it is a must to speak Japanese? Will English suffice?

You're welcome 🙂 I'm not sure but I believe you should speak some Japanese, it'll make them working with you go much smoother ^^

Ugh I know this is old, but I’ve been training to try and become one! 10 pounds lost 20 to go. I dance in the states and model but I wanna be a cyber japan dancer so bad!

Seen many of this type of showgirls, and some nude too, but they got a nice thing going. They all look great and it looks like they’re having fun. some many accuse of too much flesh, but hey, that’s life and those narrowed minded can go back into their shell.

It’s great to see Go-to dancing come back with Cyberjapan Dancers. The dancers look like they are having a great time and the ladies are wonderful . When you see them dancing , it makes you want to just watch with amazement.

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