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Music Recommendation: SALU

Guys, I’m back with another music recommendation. A couple days back, I did my first music post on the rapper AKLO. I thought it wouldn’t be right to post about AKLO without talking about SALU. Especially in many ways they’re like a package deal.

SALU like AKLO is a rapper, though their music style differs a bit. However, I’ve never met someone who likes AKLO and not like SALU. Though I used to be like that, so don’t be me lol. So I wanted to expose people to another facet of Japanese hip-hop. To show how versatile it can be.

Artist Profile

Name: SALU (real name: Unknown)
Date/Location of birth: Unknown (Currently: 27 years old) / Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan  
Years active: 2011 – Present
Label: ONE YEAR WAR MUSIC / LEXINGTON CO., LTD and Toy’s Factory
SALU’s Official Site | Official Blog| Twitter| SALU’s TOY’S FACTORY Page

All about SALU



SALU was born in 1988, in Hokkaido. At the age of 4, he was inspired by rap when his dad let him listen to Dr.Dre’s Let Me Ride. From 14,he began to write his own raps and rhymes. Around the age of 18, he moved to Kugenuma, Kanagawa. While trying to get his start, he worked for a ramen shop. But he didn’t stay there long and moved Kanagawa’s Atsugi City, where he became more serious with rapping. Due to his impressive rap skills, he was able to appear on a song with OHLD. Through OHLD, he was introduced to SEEDA.

In 2012, he signed with BACHLOGIC’s ONE YEAR WAR MUSIC, where he released his first solo album, IN MY SHOES in March. His first single from the album THE GIRL ON A BOARD was featured on SSTV’s Power Push. The next month, he became one of the main MCs for MTV Lab. In June of the same year, he released I GOTTA GO /Home Way 24 Gou that was featured on MTV’s BUZZ CLIP. He also started his own radio on All Night Nippon called, SALU’s Music Party. On the first of August, he dropped his first iTunes exclusive single, Kugenuma Fish. Continuing on his 2012-grind, in November, he held his first one-man live that was sold out at Shibuya WWW and soon after, his fourth album REBIRTH served as the ending song for Fuji TV‘s Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke.

SALU started off the year with a nomination for his song THE GIRL ON A BOARD from SSTV’s MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS. He released the live dvd from his one-man show in the previous year. Then in February, he was also able to sign to Toy’s Factory and make his major debut. In March he was nominated for the Best Rookie Award by the MTV VMAJ for THE GIRL ON A BOARD. Following this, he performed at ARABAKI ROCK FEST. 13 for the first time.

In June of the year he released his first EP, In My Life which was featured on M-ON! Recommend and was power played on FM 802, FM Miyagiki, Date FM, FM Mitsushige and Hiroshima FM prior to its release. In August he released his next digital single, Datenshi Pajama. In October and November, he went on the O.Y.W.M. TOUR 2013 with fellow labelmate, AKLO. To end the year, In My Life was nominated for iTunes’ BEST OF 2013 Hip-hop / Rap.

In 2014 he once again started his year with a dvd release of the 2013 tour. In May, he dropped his 2nd album, COMEDY. From June 20th to July 25th, he toured various prefectures as part of TOUR OF COMEDY ~Kigeki no Tabi~. He then wrote the lyrics to SMAP‘s Katori Shingo‘s solo song, SKINAIRO which is featured on the album Mr.S. For the rest of the year he layed low, until in November, where he began an InterFM show, SALU’s Wakusei. This show airs every fourth Monday of the month.

Now it’s 2015 and he has already once again started to drop music on us fans. On the 18th of february, he worked with OHLD on the band unit, SALU & the dreambandgunjo. The unit released their first EP, THE CALM together. Due to his impressive music and skill many artists have come out to praise SALU over the years. Such as KREVA, RIP SLYME’s PES, BIGBANG’s T.O.P and tofubeats. Now we must wonder, what does SALU have up his sleeve next?




Release Date
I GOTTA GO / Home Way 24 Gou
Kugenuma Fish (Digital: iTunes exclusive)
Datenshi Pajamas (Digital)


Release Date
In My Life


Release Date


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