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Want to model in Japan? Check out the CanCam Contest

I’m late to the party but I wanted to talk about the CanCam Model Search. CanCam is a fashion magazine that I covered in my Akamoji-kei vs Aomoji-kei: It All Started with Red Letters post. It is an Akamoji-kei magazine. CanCam gets it’s name from ‘I Can Campus’, which indicates its strong college female following. However it is also known as the “Office Lady Bible”.

In an attempt to bring a larger following as well as notoriety to the magazine, the staff of CanCam has decided to do a model search. CanCam is trying to find a star that represents the new generation. It is not just an ordinary model search as it will make use of social networking site, Google+.
+ Be at least 13 years old
+ Open to pro and amateur models
+ Can be un/employed
+ Open to all nationalities/races and those outside of Japan
+ If you pass the first round, you must be able to go to the meeting place of the second round (in Osaka/Toyko)
+ Traveling fees will borne by the individual
+ Be up for a 1-year contract with CanCam

To apply, use your Google+ account to upload your picture to your G+ page. The picture should be tagged #CanCam and #新世代モデル. Then users can +1 (similar to the ‘like’ button on facebook) post. The number of +1s is counted from 0:00 to 23:59 JST. The girl with the most +1s is then considered the winner of that day. With 100 days running from July 23rd to October 30th, there will be 100 individuals who will pass the 1st round audition.

The 2nd round audition will be held in Japan (Tokyo/Osaka) around November, and the girls must borne the travel costs themselves. From the 20 girls will move onto the 3rd round. It is not a requirement to know Japanese, but you should. How will you communicate during the audition? If you win, how will you communicate on tv, news reports?

The 3rd and final round will be held in Tokyo, where CanCam’s editor in chief, stylist and cameraman will screen you. Then the winner(s) will be chosen. The winner will be awarded 10 million yen (approx. $100K USD), however if there are more than one winner, the prize money will be split among them. The winner(s) will have a year long contract with CanCam.

The audition first round has been going on for 25 days already. The 1st round winners can be seen here. Out of the current 25 girls, there are gaijin contestants. One notable girls of that group for me is Lala. She is really cute and suits the style. While Jenya has a elegant look.

What is your opinion of this guys? Will you take part? I’d like to take part but the 2nd round is during school time. And I won’t have the money to travel to Japan, how unfortunate ;__;

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Thanks for sharing, I was wondering why so many people were partaking in the contest. Now I know why! ^__^ (And I somehow wished I had known about it so I could have joined… Oh well…)

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