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Japanese Magazine of the Week: Happie Nuts

Happie Nuts August 2013, July 2013, June 2013

It’s been nearly a month since the last Japanese Magazine of the Week, maybe I should make it a monthly special? Apparently a storm is heading to Barbados so I wanted to get this out before any potential black-out occurs.

This week’s magazine is Happie Nuts. I first found out about ths magazine back in 2009, but I couldn’t find as many resources for it as I did Popteen or Egg. Happie Nuts is always known as a sexy gyaru magazine, priding itself not only in Onee-gyaru (lit: older-sister gyaru; meaning: mature/adult gyaru) style but darker skinned gyaru. Even now, while the models are not extremely tan, most of them sport a light bronze glow.

Popteen’s publisher is Inforest Co. Ltd. and the magazine’s official site is It goes on sale on the 17th of each new month. Right now the August issue is out however the latest one I have is the July issue. In Japan it sells for 690 yen (approx $6.90 USD) in Japan. Which is more expensive than the $4.80 USD Popteen magazine.

The magazine was first published November, 2004 so it’s a fairly new magazine compared to the likes of Popteen and Egg. It is a women’s fashion magazine targeting those in their late teens to early 20s. The magazine contains articles on fashion, beauty as well as fashion related news. When looking at the earlier covers of the magazine (- Unfortunately I could not find the debut cover-), it was just as provocative as its fellow gyaru magazines, truthfully following the sexy gyaru lifestyle. It was also one of the few gyaru magazines that do not use Japanese or foreign celebrities on their covers. They focus purely on their models in that aspect which I respect. It also means that it has a core, dedicated following based on the models and style alone. Actually popular agejyo magazine, ‘Koakuma Ageha’ was born from Happie Nuts, surprised? In 2005 there was a special magazine released named ‘Koakuma & nuts Special’. Following the good reception, in 2006 ‘Koakuma & nuts Vol. 2’ was released. Eventually it caused the formation of ‘Koakuma Ageha’ magazine. In 2008 they collaborated to bring ‘mama nuts x ageha’ and in 2009 gyaru-mama magazine ‘I LOVE mama’ was born.

Some popular models of the magazine HiROMi, Ozaki Sayoko and Takeda Shizuka. HiROMi (real name: Shinhata Hiromi) was born in the Philippines and is quite popular for her boyish style. She was originally a model for Egg (2005 – 2007) but later graduated to be an exclusive model for Happie Nuts.
is known for coming out as a lesbian in the same magazine back in 2011. She received much support from fans and regular readers alike. Apparently one of the first people that she came out to was the former nuts model Hoshi Aya. She’s personally one of my favorites though I couldn’t pull off her style haha.

HiROMi when she was in egg 

Another model is Ozaki Sayoko. She started off as a shop assistant for the brand, ‘LIP SERVICE’ and became an exclusive model for the magazine back in 2009. She has also modeled in Tokyo Girls Collection in Nagoya last year. She also models for some gyaru brands like Kobe Lettuce and Peak&Pine.

Ozaki Sayoko back in 2009

Takeda Shizuka (pet name: Shii-chan) was born in Togichi Prefecture. In 2008 she became the exclusive model for Happie Nuts. In 2012 she performed in ‘Seoul Girls Collection’, making her the first Japanese person to do so.

Takeda Shizuka in 2008 -> Takeda Shizuka in 2013

Here are are some old covers of the magazine. You can see the models gradually stopped tanning as time went by. But they do have an undeniable glow. Which I got from the Japanese Amazon.

To me, the trends have definitely changed for this magazine. It went from looking like foreign celebrities to looking like haafu (mixed race) girls. Yet it hasn’t changed its style of being provocative. It’s one of the few magazines where women appear constantly show off their sexy-side in tasteful semi-nude shoots on the cover. However you can tell they sticks to pinks, black, white and browns on their covers in recent times. I wish they would experiment with colors more. But I can also understand why they won’t go all out. They want to find a happy medium between the wild gyaru but also be sophisticated for women who may be entering the work place or university.














Credits go to Zasshiko for the scans


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Thanks so much for posting this, I actually ordered the August issue so I'm really excited to receive it! I've become slightly obsessed with the magazine lol @_@ If only I could afford to redo my whole wardrobe in that style.

I love that Happie Nuts has clothes that are easy to obtain. It's like, if I wanted to go that style, I wouldn't even need to get Japanese clothes as they follow the latest trends.

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