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Small Rant: Black Girls Can’t Be Gyaru?

Recently there’s been talk among the gyaru I follow about racism in the gaijin gyaru community. Such as people stating that black girls cannot be gyaru. It all started with the weekly gyaru secrets post on livejournal. I remember gyaru secrets, it was suppose to be the gyaru equivalent to lolita secrets. Back then it was a place for gyaru to talk about stuff they couldn’t within the community or with their friends and family. The topics varied from recovering from eating disorder to having a crush on your close gal pal.

I saw the moderators change due to lack of interest, and for the most part it was harmless. I’d check it from time to time, and there were things I disagreed with, some that I agreed with. However some way along the line, the moderator allowed for posting to be more aggressive and attacking when it came to gaijin gyaru. That’s when things went downhill.

And I didn’t support it so I didn’t venture onto the site, though I did hear about the big drama blow-ups. And when a gyaru who I admire greatly, Shernise or Piinkglass on tumblr was slandered there, I was upset. Honestly, I don’t see the purpose of such a site, since it helps no one. I myself feel paranoid and that I’d ended up there even though I’m still in training.

This week we were greeted with full on racist remarks towards black gyaru. Many of which stated that black girls could not do the style because it was not suited for them. As black girl, this just annoys me. So many times throughout life I’ve been told that I could not do a style because of my race. Goth? No. Scene? No. What hurt most was that there were other black people telling me that. Even now when I find something absolutely cute that I want to buy, I can’t because it’s ‘not what black people wear’.

I say screw that, who should dictate what we wear once it’s not offensive? Why can’t we be cutesy? Punk? Hippie? Grunge? There are many gorgeous black gyaru, I’ll be presenting them soon. I’m only a beginner in actually wearing the style, but I hope to be up there with them one day. All I can do now is to learn, apply as well as inform. This is what this blog about, not just my journey in finding myself and a great style.But I want to be able to inspire and help others. There are pretty and unattractive people in every race, so don’t attempt to tell me that black people are the ‘ugly race’, don’t show me unethical research or something riddled with stereotypes to prove a very ignorant, incorrect and quite frankly rude point.

I think I might start giving advice too, but I won’t approach people rudely, that’s not the way to go about it. I’m also very open to advice myself. In my case, I feel like people are able to look at my face and determine what’s best to bring out my ‘charm points’. They can either take the advice or not as I only seek to help and not dictate. I believe that if gaijin gyaru were to come together in unity, we could uplift the community to new heights. Gyaru is a style for everyone and many Japanese gyaru themselves have acknowledge and have acknowledge western gyaru as being on par with them. So let’s stop perpetrating such false and offensive beliefs. As that Sifow song goes, we want LOVE&PEACE.

I’ll show and link the blogs to some great black gyaru who inspire me.


Blog | Tumblr


Blog | Tumblr




Blog | Tumblr


Blog | Tumblr

Inspiration for aspiring and full-fledge black gyaru and black girls into Asian: Fuckyeahblackgyaru, Black Gyaru Facebook, Black Girls on Japanese Matome, Black Ulzzang Girls, Black Lolita

6 replies on “Small Rant: Black Girls Can’t Be Gyaru?”

Gyaru is a style for everyone and many Japanese gyaru themselves have acknowledge and have acknowledge western gyaru as being on par with them

Exactly. I don't understand why people hate black gyaru? Why them in particular? Ugh. *hugs* I'm sorry you have to deal with this in not just Gyaru and Lolita but other fashions too. 🙁 Not everyone wants to follow the same style!

I think it hurts even more when it comes from other black people. Especially here, a lot of people love to jump onto the bandwagon of fashion. So if you dress differently ppl think you're overdressed or smth. But wait a couple years for it to be mainstream and they'll be all about it.

Exactly, lol. People on harsh on black gyaru for the smallest of reasons that you can't help but think there's some underlying threat they feel or something.

Me too, she's also such a nice person. I've not gotten to talk to her personally but really she's a sweetheart according to my friends who do speak to her.

Yeah I seriously never understood why people didn't like black gyaru. Skin color should never come into discussion when trying to criticize someone's style.

I love the lovelyify's style. She's one of my faves. Sigh I wish I was cool enough to do gyaru, lol.

Really great post Chole! I wish more people would see this. Even though I'm not into trying out Gyaru for myself I've always admired the other black girls who do it and most of them are so good at it. Fashion like music and dance and even food is a universal thing and is not limited to one special race. I hope people start realising that soon and let others enjoy what they want to do

Thank you. I just really wanted to let it all out. I feel like you know it as well as me with how people act when you try to step out of the box. Wish people would get over it.

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