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Graduation Life

Hi everyone. I’m so, so sorry that I didn’t update recently. I just wanted to give everyone an update on how I’ve been doing. As some of you may know, I had graduation on Saturday, yay me. I took so many pictures, I thought it would be wrong to not share it with you guys.

A month before, my mom ordered my dress from Which is a Chinese dress-site? Though the dress arrived past the confirmed due date, it was in great quality and matched the picture. Though I’m sure my mom is weary now of buying clothes from unfamiliar sites. I bought my jewelry from Cave Shepherd’s Columbian Emeralds, and I was not disappointed. While the shoes, which were very comfortable, are Liliana.

 My dress –
 My shoes – Liliana
 Nail art done by me
 Jewelry – Fire CZ from Colombian Emeralds

I got my hair weaved the night before and styled the morning of graduation, around lunch time, a MAC girl came to do my make-up. Barbados has one MAC store located in Cave Shepherd.

 MAC girl, Tennielle doing my make-up
 After working her magic

The graduation started at approximately minutes past 3:30pm, I got there late so there isn’t any day shots of me, sadface. All of the students of our year were lined up outside the school hall. The national anthem played and then there was a word of pray. Afterwards we enter through the backstage and onto the stage in rows of 12. We then did our own rendition of ‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Bedingfield. To say the rendition was great would be an overstatement. We couldn’t match with the backing track and were either ahead or behind it. We then descended the stage, row by row as the song faded, and sat in our seats. Each seat had a run through of the graduation, even with the list of the graduates.

 Our busted rendition of Unwritten

After a small introduction, the chairman of the school’s board of management went on stage to speak. Then our principal, he’s such a character, I’ll miss him, lol. Then we had our guest speaker. Personally I didn’t like her, I found her to be quite condescending with how she talked about others who weren’t academically inclined or did ‘great things’. She even acted like we didn’t know what the black power movement or the women’s lib was about even though we just covered that in Caribbean Studies this past school year. Overall she wasn’t a pleasant guest. We then had entertainment who was a fellow student. She’s a dancer who won silver in NIFCA for her dancing.

After than, we rose and went outside for our acceptance of diplomas. We stood alphabetically and it took quite a while before my name was called. I went up on stage, and heard so much clapping and cheering from the crowd. Apparently my make-up and hair really wowed them, haha. I was lucky enough to not have stumbled, or mess up on the acceptance of my diploma which was nicely placed in a case. Then when all the names were called, we sat through more entertainment. A singing duo consisting of a fellow graduate and previous student, a solo by a fellow graduate and dance performance by a fellow graduate and his dance team who got gold at NIFCA.

Our head boy, Brandon. We had Economics together actually

We then did presentations, for the teachers, staff, our faculty advisors, parents and to a boy whose father recently passed away. Our head boy also gave a speech. We then stood and sang the school song for the last time, thank you lawd. Then we threw our caps in the year as the ceremony came to a close. I was planning to only wave mine in the air but I got overexcited and threw it high. I managed to find some other cap but I know it isn’t mine, I’ll wash it though before I consider putting on my head again.

 We all were so done with the ceremony

After the ceremony, I went to see my mom, brother, my mom’s boyfriend and my dad. We took pictures, I went and hugged my teachers. It’s not unusual to be really close with your teachers in Barbados. I hugged my friends and even though I wasn’t going to the official dinner, I still had a private dinner with my other amigas.

 After the graduation.


 With my mom apparently we really look alike.


Top: Me with my friend Dawn me with my form teacher of last year – Mr. Goodridge
Bottom: Me with friends Brenden and Anjanie, me with head boy Brandon

We rode in a limo, shipping champagne and taking pictures. I could get used to that kind of life. We went to Waterside which is located in St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church. If you live in Barbados or come to visit, I recommend this restaurant. The hostess and the server were really nice and accommodating (we had two vegetarians and gluten-free attendees in our group). Our group had a special graduation menu, along with a private room away from the other guests.

Left -> Right: Makayla, Kamilah, Lee-Ann, Tyra, Erika, Alex, Alexis and me


Go home Chole, you’re drunk


 Living the life, lol Lee-Ann


Waterside Restaurant


 Picture time in the bathroom
 Take by Alex, me discussing the menu with Alexis, Ashley in the background


 Erika, Alex, Alexis, hey Ashley in the background

The meal was delicious though I didn’t finish it all. I managed to snag some pictures to show you below.

 Personalized menu


The nice tableware


 My cocktail, all I remember it was supposedly the sweetish, had the flavor of chili and strawberries.
It did burn my throat something rough.


 Mine: Tomato and watermelon salad with goat cheese


Classic Cesar salad


 Smoked line caught blue marlin […Check menu above]
Poor Alex had the chowder, was not good.


Main Dish
Beef with market vegetables and sauce


 Chicken cordon bleu with pasta, too delicious


Thank you for reading. Don’t forget Google FC is ending in July so it’s best to make the conversion to Bloglovin’ while you still can. They have all the info on how to import blogs too. Please tell me how you liked it, want kind of posts you’re hoping to see in the future, etc.

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Congrats!! You look sooo beautiful omg, I wish I looked that lovely at my graduation. The food looked super yummy too. Glad you had a good time 🙂

You looks absolutely gorgeous and I loved your dress! I love the idea of having a dinner celebration like that after a graduation. Wish my graduating class was cool like that, lol 🙂

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