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Black Diamond and Black Diamond International

‘Black Diamond’, is a Gyaru Circle for Tsuyome Kuro (dark-skinned) Gyaru on a nationwide scale. They are featured in the October issues of “egg”, “SOUL SISTER” and other magazines. These girls are being showered with attention from everywhere in the media and have begun to expand overseas. Want to know more about the group? Then read more below!

Black Diamond members’ English messages: AREINYAN and DEMI

About Black Diamond

black diamond and black diamond international | naomi' n doll

Tsuyome Kuro Gyaru have remarkably decreased in number in recent years, however they are making a comeback all over the country. In July 2012, ‘Black Diamond’ was formed with hopes of creating another “Tsuyome Kuro Gyaru” boom. This circle has grown into a group with over 100 Kuro Gyaru members in total, from northern Hokkaido, all the way to southern Okinawa, and they aren’t only in Japan. To broaden the Japanese Shibuya Gyaru culture overseas, they have established the overseas branch named “black diamond international” worldwide.

Advisor Mipochi, a model for egg and SOUL SISTER.

They recruit members through facebook in English, and applications have been rushing in from all over the world, from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and many more. They have grown into a big family with currently over 50 foreign Gyaru that have joined as members.

During “black diamond”‘s second meeting, the Japanese members are interacting with the overseas members through the computer on facebook

Meeting Black Diamond International

During their second meeting, the English speaking Japanese members came in contact with the Japanese speaking overseas members. They communicated positively through the computer. Many foreign Gyaru are unable to buy certain Gyaru items from Japan. Therefore those in Japan are in the process of opening an overseas mail order service.

Although they have only formed 2 months ago, “black diamond” has succeeded all over Japan and even in expanding overseas. These girls are continuing with their steady advance and it’s likely that we won’t be able to keep our eyes off of them.

Current members of Black Diamon International

Furthermore, Goto Kayo, the “Globe-trotter Gyaru Traveler”, will fill the position of “black diamond international”‘s advisor. She used to work as a Gyaru style apparel shop manager and was shocked when she saw foreign Gyaru all over the world on NHK’s “Tokyo Kawaii TV”. Kayo was determined to “meet  and befriend international Gyaru”. She departed on her trip since March, and is promoting communication with foreign Gyaru from 15 countries. This is a unique presence even among the Gyaru community.

Crooz blog

source: 1, translation by honeyhiyo

My Thoughts

So I was excited when I heard that Kuro Gyaru was making a comeback. I can see that they’re taking a lot of aspects from the first waves back in the ‘00s. But with new brands like d.i.a around, they have more variety, and a lot of them are going for an even sexier style. I like that, I like kuro gyaru for many reasons:

  1. Variety
    I find that they add something to gyaru right now, the cute style, while I like it, is becoming a bit boring
  2. Sexy
    The girls are living the rules of get wild and be sexy. When gyaru first came around, that was what the lifestyle was based on, but recently, they’ve toned down.
  3. Shaking up the culture
    The last wave of gyaru were the ones who made it alright for women to venture out of the Nadeshiko look. Circle lenses are big, and so is dying your hair a different colour. I wonder what this wave will bring. I do like that they’re making the jump to connect with and help foreign gyaru. Nowadays there’s so many blogs and sites with information on their lifestyle and fashion trends. But there was always a gap of communication between Japanese gyaru and foreign gyaru. In that most foreign gyaru had to go to Japan to learn more. We’ve come such a long way from 2006, when I first got interested in the style. And I’m happy, the girls who inspired us, are willing to come back and share with us, and help us grow. I find it unsurprising that a lot of the girls are black, since black diamond is a kuro gyaru group, like myself, a lot of them would feel like they would fit in.

I’d like to join them, especially since it’ll help me grow fashion wise, culturally and in the Japanese language. But first I do have to reach a point where I’m proud of my progress before I can join these women.

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